• Dr-Jamuna-Pai-Skinlab-Protective-Day-Cream-Review
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    Dr Jamuna Pai’s Skinlab Protective Day Cream Review

    Hello, I have oily skin, hence I lookout for good day creams every now and then. And I don’t get satisfied of one cream. Therefore, I decided to give this Dr Jamuna Pai’s Skinlab Protective Day Cream a try. If you don’t know, who is Dr Jamuna Pai, then she is renowned Dermatologist from India. And she started her own line of skin care products called Blush. The name of her Clinic is Blush. Price INR 650 for 100g Ingredients Product Description It is a protective day cream with SPF 30. Contains no Paraben. Not harsh on the skin. How To Use Firstly, wash your face and pat dry. Take…

  • Why-You-Should-Use-Handcream-Benefits-Of-Hand-Creams
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    Why You Should Use Hand Creams: Benefits Of Hand Creams

    Why You Should Use Hand Cream Have you ever think that how much we use our hands everyday. Whether we are travelling or just sitting and chilling in our home, we need our hands. And most of the time we use our hands. We have a handshake, we eat by our hands, wash them and etc. But are you taking care of your hands? As we apply moisturizer to our face to hydrate them we need a hand lotion to hydrate it. As our hands lose its moisture very easily. Hands are our tools and they allow us to carry out daily tasks at home, office and gardens. But we…

  • Himalaya-Refreshing-And-Clarifying-Toner-Review
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    Himalaya Refreshing and Clarifying Toner Review

                I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skincare,you really won’t need a lot of makeup.                                                                                                                -Demi Moore              Hello ladies, so today we are going to talk about the toners. Toner is one of the basic skin regimes, but do we tend to use it regularly? Even though I was not pretty sure of using a toner on regular basis, but when I started using toners then I would believe that it can do wonders to my skin. Firstly, I was using the Butic skin freshener(toner) for my skin, later on, I just keep on trying on new toners from the market. We should…