10 Best Moisturizers For Oily Skin


Moisturizers are very essential part of our skin care regime. Whether it could be winters, summers or rainy your skin quench for moisturizer every single day. And when it comes to oily skin, oily skin needs a oil-free moisturizers. These oil free moisturizers balances the oil and also hydrates oily-beauties. In this article I have listed top 10 moisturizers for oily skin.

1. Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Lotion- INR 75 for 30ml.

Lacto Calamine is a clay-based lotion which provides oil balance up to 8 hours. It has a unique 3-way action which gives you soft supple skin. It absorbs excess oil from the skin. Retains skin moisture back. Helps to unclog pores with its anti-germ properties. This is great and affordable moisturizer for oily skin.

2. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer With SPF 15- INR 432 for 115 ml.

This superstar moisturizer for oily skin which leaves your skin soft and supple without adding any extra shine to it. It protects skin against dryness without making it greasy. It has quick absorb technology which eliminates excess oil. This formula is non-comedogenic which won’t clog your pores.

This oil-free moisturizer is not budget friendly but worth it for oily beauties.


3. Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer – INR 475 for 50 ml.

The plum green tea moisturizer is light, matte finish especially curated for oily skin. It has Glycolic acid which helps to get clear skin. Anti-oxidants in green tea extract act against acne formulation. Plum is free from all chemicals, and non-comedogenic ingredients. This plum green tea moisturizer for oily skin is just blessing for your oily skin.

4. The Face Shop Chia Seed No Shine Hydrating Cream- INR 1990 for 50 ml.

The chia seeds no shine hydrating cream by face shop is moisture-replenishing cream with hydrating chia seeds extract and mattifying cotton seed extract. This hydrating cream provides a surge of moisture to relieve dehydrated skin and absorbs excess sebum at the same time. It is formulated without chemicals like parabens, mineral oil and etc. It keeps your skin hydrated all day long. Though it is a bit expensive a nice formula for oily-skin.

Oily Skin Moisturizers

5. Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Oil-Free Moisturizer- INR 295 for 80 ml.

Lotus herbals skin renewal has the goodness of grape extract, aloe vera and milk enzyme. It has anti-oxidant, anti-microbial and astringent properties. Rejunevates and nourishes your skin and gives a soothing effect to your skin. It gets absorbed quickly into the skin. And has mild fragrance.

6.Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto Replenishing Hydrator- INR 1550 for 30 ml

This Clinique moisturizer deeply penetrates your skin and gives and instant moisture boost. Works non-stop for 72 hours, and has a light texture. It doubles the hydration by its advanced hydrator technology. This technology helps skin to create its own internal water source to rehydrate itself. If you are fine with the price, then just grab this clinique moisture surge for your skin. The bestest ever moisturizer for oily skin.


7. Forest Essential Light Day Lotion Lavender & Neroli SPF 25

-INR 1925 for 40 ml.

This day lotion contains pure lavender water which is therapeutic and calming. Also, it contains nourishing oat kernel extract and stimulating neroli oil combine with zinc. It has healing and regenerative qualities to firm and clarifies the skin. Along with all these, it has SPF 25 that offers long-lasting protection from UV rays. Your skin will remain hydrated in spite of being oily after using this day lotion. If you are looking for something natural moisturizer for oily skin then this is perfect.

8. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

– INR 849 for 50 gm.

Neutrogena hydro boost water gel has a unique light-weight fresh texture which gets absorbed quickly. It continuously quenches your skin’s thirst throughout the day. Effectively replenishes and retains moisture to the skin. Absorbs moisture from air and releases into the skin. It contains glycerin, hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidants. But also it contains chemicals, if you are ok with that then go for it.

Best moisturizer

9. Clean And Clear Oil Free Moisturizer

-INR 80 for 80 ml.

Clean and clear oil free formula moisturizes your skin without any greasiness and won’t clog your pores. The salicylic acid in this helps to prevent pimples and give you clear skin.

Oily Skin Moisturizer

10. Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel PH5.5

-INR 476 for 50 ml

The Sebamed clear face care gel contains hyaluronic acid which increases the moisturizing binding capacity of the skin. It also maintains the ph level of your skin. You will need ed very little amount of this gel. It has no fragrance and no chemicals added. If you get breakouts very often then try this moisturizer for your oily skin.

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