6 Reasons Why You Break Out More In Summers


You may have found that you breakout more in summers. Whether you have oily, acne prone or deal with a occasional pimple. These summer breakout can sneak up on just anyone. Here are some reasons why you breakout more in summers.

As temperature rises, so do your chances of a breakout. Everything from your sunscreen to beach towel can make your skin irritated. In addition to this, your sweat combines with the skincare products or even oils and clogs your pores. Hence, it may cause acne.

This or more may be reasons that you are getting breakout this season. Read on to discover the reasons you may be breaking out more.

Reasons Why You Get Breakout In Summers

1. Swimming Pools

All the swimming pools contain chlorine and too much chlorine exposure can make matter worse. If your skin becomes too dry due to pool chemicals then oil production will increase.

Excess oil then clogs your pores and causes acne.

2. Clothing

You may find hard this to believe that clothing could determine whether you have clear flawless skin or not. If you wear tight clothes or accessories in summers you will notice a pimple in that area.

This is because tight clothing can trap sweat and dirt and clog your pores. Hence, its best to wear breathable clothing to prevent breakout in summers.

3. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is must when you are in the sun. We can’t miss using sunscreen and take the risk. After all UV protection is must. However the sunscreen especially the water resistant one, could be also responsible for your breakouts.

This is because the chemicals present in the water-resistant formula aggravate pores and result in acne. Water resistant sunscreen often contains more chemicals that cause acne.

In addition to this if isn’t washed off properly, its residue will settle in your pores and cause acne.

4. Moisturizers

The oily moisturizer you use can probably cause breakout in summers. This is because oily and heavy moisturizers have a thick formula which may clog the pores on your face and neck.

And when the temperature peaks its best to switch your heavy moisturizers to lightweight moisturizers. You can use this The body shop aloe soothing cream .

sugary drinks
Sugary drinks

5. Sugary Drinks

Consuming a loads of sugar has never been known to do wonders for your skin. During summer seasons we tend to drink a lot more sugary drinks due to heat.

Sadly, sugar aggravates hormonal acne and promotes inflammation which results in oil production. Try to switch your sugary drinks to lemon water or plain water and stay away from a breakout in summers.

6. Sweat

Sometimes it might feel like your sweat causes acne. But it’s not the true fact. Sweating person does not affect acne, but if it leads to wiping skin frequently the friction can aggravate the pores and cause breakouts.

Hence to avoid this try to use cleansers or face washes which controls the excess oil production. And protect your skin from breaking out in summers.

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