6 Reasons Why You Lose More Hair In Summer


Do you lose more hair in summers, its a myth or fact? According to experts, we lose some hairs every day, but you might start noticing some more during summer seasons. Summers are the season of warm weather, vacation and enjoy.

But along with the fun, it comes hair damage and dry hairs. As we lose a lot of moisture from our hair, our hairs are more prone to breakage. This is the reason why you lose more hair in summers. Therefore, it’s necessary to know exactly why you lose hair in summers.

1. The Sun

The sun is the major cause behind your hair loss. As it sucks in all the moisture and leave your hairs, dry and brittle. Due to this hair are more prone to breakage and it causes hair fall.

The UV rays can damage your hairs a lot, in order to prevent this, you can use a hat or heat protectant.

2. Heat Products

If you have a habit of using heat products daily then they are going to damage your hair in summers. Because we are getting almost more heat in the weather which almost causes dry hairs and sucks in moisture.

And if we double the heat to the hairs, they’re going to damage and cause hair fall. Hence, we lose hair in summers. To prevent this try to avoid or make less use of heat products on the hairs.

3. Chlorine

In summers are hair is exposed to chemicals in swimming pools. As chlorine in the swimming pools cause a little bit damage to your hairs. This is because chlorine contains chemical properties that dry out the shaft of your hairs and strip out sebum.

As a result, this leads to dry, damaged hairs. To prevent your hairs you can apply some coconut or olive oil to the hairs as it creates a coat and prevents your hairs.

4. Dandruff

Hot weather aggravate dandruff as it sucks all the moisture from the hairs and make it dry. Dry scalp always welcomes dandruff. If dandruff is left untreated it can cause hair fall. Hence, this can also be the reason to lose hair in summers.

In order to avoid this, it’s vital to use a anti-dandruff shampoo in summer months. You can use this once in a week according to your scalp conditions.

5. Wet Brushing

Our hair makes contact with water more often in summers. Whether it is playing in the ocean or showering at the home. And sometimes we end up brushing our wet hairs and tying them up. But you should avoid brushing your wet hair because wet hair is more susceptible to breakage. It’s best to run your fingers through it and detangle it. Or you can just leave it to dry it naturally.

6. Air Conditioning

Do you have ever imagine that air conditioner could ruin your hairs. In summers we tend to use air conditioners a lot. Air conditioners pull out the moisture from your hair locks and leave it dry , resulting in them breaking off.

To avoid this you can try on leave in conditioners or hydrating hair mask once in a week to retain that moisture.

Therefore, these were some reasons to lose hair in summers.

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