9 Different Amazing Vaseline Uses


When it comes to vaseline, it has been used around for decades. Beyond, moisturizing lips there are many more uses of vaseline. It is not only a moisturizing cream or jelly but also a multitasking cream. The petroleum jelly can be a go-to source for almost everything.

Here are different vaseline uses

1. Lip Scrub

For the times when applying a lip balm on your lips is just not enough. The petroleum jelly can be used for a gentle exfoliation on your lips.

All you need is brown or white sugar and a small amount of petroleum jelly to it. Mix it well, and scrub on your lips. In this way, you can use Vaseline for a lip scrub.

2. Preserve Perfume Scents

Using vaseline as a base of your perfume can help it last longer.


3. Heals cracked feet

Vaseline is one of the best treatment to heal cracked feet. It also helps to make your feet softer. This emollient is beneficial for your feet and it also keeps your whole body smooth and supple.

Rub a coat of vaseline on your feet at night. Put a pair of clean socks and go to sleep.

4. Cuticle Care

Petroleum jelly is an effective salve for protecting and repairing dry cuticles. It is also recommended for soft hands.

Massage into the nail and fingernails before sleeping and then wear a pair of gloves. The next morning, you will get softer hands.

The cuticles are made up of the same protein as our skin. So they, become dry and cracked when the skin loses moisture.

The thin non-greasy layer of vaseline protects the cuticles from moisture loss and at the same time, prevent dryness and heals cracked skin as well.

5. Soften Elbows

Rub some vaseline on your cracked elbows before sleeping to soften them.

6. Aids Earring Insertion

If you don’t wear earrings regularly, inserting them in your ears could be surprisingly painful. Or else, if you have a new pierce then vaseline is the solution. Just rub it into your ear lobs and you’re done. In this way, vaseline is used for ears.

7. Remove Eye Makeup

Oil is an effective way to remove eye makeup and petroleum jelly is safe to use on that area. Use a cotton pad or Q-tip and press gently without tugging to hard on your skin. Make sure to close your eyes as you wipe.

8. False Eye Lash Remover

Dip a cotton bud in vaseline and then swab it onto the false lashes. Let the glue soften for some time and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

9. Skin Highlighter

A tiny dab of vaseline on your cheek bones and brow bones can add a dewy look to your face. It works as a skin highlighter.

It is super easy way to get the glowy face.

These were some vaseline uses.

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