Biotique Bio Almond Lip Balm Review


Lip balm is something I always carry in my bag. I love using and trying different lip balms. Today I am going to review biotique bio almond lip balm. I love using chemical free products and similarly, this lip balm contains all natural ingredients, so let’s begin with the review.


INR 25 for 10 gm.

Product description

  • Biotique bio almond lip balm is a soothing balm that deeply nourishes your lips. This balm tone nourishes and adds firmness to the skin.
  • Similarly, it is enriched with almond, sunflower, kusumbhi, castor and sesame oil.
  • Also, it keeps your lips soft and nourished.




Biotique bio almond comes in a simple orange colour plastic packaging. Also, it has a green colour screw cap over it.

All you need is to squeeze the packaging and take the required amount. Overall, the packaging is hygienic and travel-friendly.



The lip balm has a very mild smell, just like vanilla. Not the exact smell of vanilla but a very mild a soft smell of vanilla.


The biotique bio almond lip balm has a very clear gel consistency. It has a very smooth texture and spreads easily on the lips. The slide shape of the packaging allows you to cover the whole lips in one go.



Firstly, this lip balm is very cheap and is chemical free. It is tiny and can be carried anywhere. Also, it is non-sticky on my lips. I don’t feel any heaviness after applying this balm.

It adds a shine to my lips and is good for daily use. This lip balm effectively heals dry and chapped lips and moisturizes them.

Not only I use it in the day time but also I use it in my night routine. The next day my lips are moisturized and soft.

As it is colourless I apply it underneath my matte lipsticks. It also works on regular lipsticks. Also, it can be used by both men and women.

But the moisturized lips won’t stay for long, I need to reapply the balm and get that moisturized lips back. Rather than this, this lip balm works well on my lips.

Overall, its a good lip balm with affordable price tag.

Pros of biotique bio almond lip balm

  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Moisturizes the lips.
  • No stickiness.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Natural ingredients.

Cons of biotique bio almond lip balm

  • No SPF.
  • Moisturization doesn’t stay for a longer period of time.


I would definitely recommend this underneath the matte lipsticks. It works well and good for daily use.



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