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    How To Use Aloe Vera For Hair

    This incredible plant needs no introduction. We all know that we can use aloe vera gel for the face in numerous ways. But today we are going to share how you can use aloe vera for your hair. How aloe vera is super beneficial for hair. Let’s begin with the numerous ways you can use aloe vera for hair. Hair Mask We get many hair masks in the market. But they contain some or the other chemicals. Hence, why not try a homemade hair mask. Extra Virgin olive oil Egg Coconut Milk Banana Aloe vera gel. Procedure Blend banana and egg into blender. After blending add aloe vera gel, coconut…

  • jojoba oil
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    Amazing Jojoba Oil Benefits For Skin & Hair

    Jojoba oil is indeed blessing to all skin types. As it has a lot of skin, hair benefits. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, non-toxic and comedogenic. This oil restores the natural balance of skin and hair by keeping hydrated. Jojoba is pronounced as ho-ho-ba oil. This oil acts as a carrier oil or can be mixed with essential oil. Many people use this oil in their skincare routine. Pure jojoba oil is a remedy for acne, dry skin, hairs etc. There are uncountable benefits of this oil. This is a sneak peek of this oil, let’s read some more benefits. Jojoba Oil For Face This oil has many cosmetic uses. It…

  • Green tea benefits
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    Why You Should Drink Green Tea

    Green Tea! This is one of my favourite tea. This tea is the healthiest tea among all. This tea contains a lot of anti-oxidants and nutrients. Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves which further undergo oxidation. As green tea is not much oxidized as compared to black tea. Unsweetened brewed green tea has zero calories. Green tea contains flavonol and catechins that offers great benefits. Green tea offers benefits for skin and health etc. Let’s know some more benefits about green tea. Benefits of Green Tea For Skin 1. Gives a Healthy, Youthful Skin Their are many benefits of green tea for skin. Green tea prevents wrinkles, anti-aging…

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