• Jeva-24k-Rose-Gold-Skincare-Oil-Review
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    Jeva 24-k Rose Gold Skin Care Oil Review

    Today I am going to review beauty oil. I have bought rose gold skincare oil for the first time. As I never go with oils, because I have oily skin. But this oil is 24-k rose gold skincare oil, so I can’t stop buying this. Let’s begin with the review. Price INR 750 for 15 ml. Product Description Jeva 24-k rose gold oil with pure rose gold flakes. This beauty oil is quick absorbing, lightweight moisturizer with anti-ageing benefits. This is exclusive formula for hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and tightens the skin. Rich in anti-oxidants. Keeps skin hydrated and supple. Prevents signs of ageing. Can be used as a face primer.…

  • Jeva-Aloe-Vera-And-Saffron-Gel-Review
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    Jeva Aloe Vera and Saffron Gel Review

    Hello readers, today we are going to review Jeva aloe vera and saffron gel. I just love aloe vera gels, and I always love to try out different aloe gels. I am using aloe vera gels from years now, and you may be knowing this gel has wonderful effects on the skin. This gel comes in the goodness of aloe vera and saffron. Let’s begin with our review. Product Claims It is natural and pure aloe vera gel packed with goodness of saffron. This is a non-greasy formula and works well to hydrate and nourish the skin. Also, it will make your skin revitalized and give you a fresh looking…

  • Jeva-Activated-Charcoal-Peel-Off-Mask-Review
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    Jeva Activated Charcoal Peel Of Mask Review

    Hey friends, I am again up here to share my new experience with you all. Today I am going to review Jeva Activated Charcoal Peel Of Mask. I was not pretty sure in the beginning that this would actually work for my skin. Lets start reviewing this. Claims 1. Jeva activated charcoal peel of mask is enriched with activated charcoal. This mask is specially formulated to remove pore-clogging dirt and extra oils. 2. Jeva charcoal mask, make sure to remove all the blackheads. 3. Charcoal acts as a magnet to draw out deeply rooted impurities. 4. Argan oil in it gives hydrated & soft skin leaving your skin moisturized. 5. Argan oil absorbs…

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