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    Amazing Jojoba Oil Benefits For Skin & Hair

    Jojoba oil is indeed blessing to all skin types. As it has a lot of skin, hair benefits. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, non-toxic and comedogenic. This oil restores the natural balance of skin and hair by keeping hydrated. Jojoba is pronounced as ho-ho-ba oil. This oil acts as a carrier oil or can be mixed with essential oil. Many people use this oil in their skincare routine. Pure jojoba oil is a remedy for acne, dry skin, hairs etc. There are uncountable benefits of this oil. This is a sneak peek of this oil, let’s read some more benefits. Jojoba Oil For Face This oil has many cosmetic uses. It…

  • Lavender oil, Lavender essential oil
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    Lavender Oil Benefits You Need To know

    Lavender is a plant that no needs introduction. Lavender is most versatile among all the plants. As it has a bunch of benefits. Most commonly use of this essential oil is for insomnia. It can be a natural perfume. Or it can be used in cooking and etc. Their are uncountable lavender oil benefits. Here are some ways you can incorporate lavender benefits into daily life. 1. Treats Insomnia Lavender oil is considered as best traditional Ayurveda therapy for sleep or insomnia. This herb soothes the nervous system and induces sleep and relaxation. This is because its scent reduces alpha waves in the area of the brain that is responsible…

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    18 Almond (Badam) Oil Benefits

    Small,mighty and oh-so-powerful.These adjectives describes an almond or badam. We all are grown by eating soaked almonds in the morning.They are so nutrious for us like,Doc advices each and every person to have them.   Almonds are the healthiest foods to snack on. There are two types of almonds oil, is sweet almond oil. And the other is bitter oil. The bitter oil is not mostly used. As it is harmful. Sweet almond oil has manyskin benefits. Bitter oil is mostly used in scents. The main key ingredient in Badam oil is Vitamin E.It has a generous amount of monosaturated fatty acids, zinc, proteins and minerals. This oil is extensively…

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    Olive Oil Benefits

    Hey everyone, Olive oil is the fast becoming world’s famous oil.We have lots of benefits of  oil.It is good for health,hair,skin,nails.Therefore,i think olive oil must be used in every house. Their are many types of olive oils. Extra virgin. Cold pressed. Standard virgin. Pure or blended oil. We can use any one of these to our hairs.But extra virgin could be the best for all. Olive Oil For Hairs If you are having dry hairs,make sure you use this oil.As it gives more moisture to the hairs.Works on splits ends. For Dandruff Olive oil moisturizes your hair and reduces scalp irritation,which further turn out into dandruff.Take olive oil in bowl…

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