CTM Routine

CTM Routine 4 - CTM Routine

 CTM Routine

Beauty,That which is striking and beautiful is not always good,but that which is good is always beautiful.

Hello lovelies,

Are you already familiar with what is ctm?If no then continue reading and find why our skin needs this.CTM is c=cleansing,t=toning,and m=moisturizing. If we give 10 minutes in morning and 10 minutes at night to our skin its enough for a healthy skin.So lets checkout what cleansing actually means.

Skin is nothing without CTM routine.


CTM routine

Cleansing the face is the most important part that we must do in the morning,that should not be ignored at all.Cleansing not only removes the dead skin but also clears the oil that has been accumulated overnight on the skin. Cleansing helps to manage the ph (pouvoir hydrogene) of the skin.The ph level of skin is from 4.5 to 5.5.

Cleansing is the key for a beautiful skin,no matter what your skin type is cleansing is must for all skin types.Cleansing releases sebum from our skin and makes it look fresh and healthy.

  Natural cleanser/Herbal cleanser

1.Raw milk

2.Cucumber juice

3.2 Drops of lemon juice, Mix all the ingredients together,massage it well and then wash it off.



So the next step is toning. After every treatment toner is used.Toner basically closes the pores of our skin and prevent it from pollution. Toner creates one layer to the skin. And the most important thing we use skin freshener for dry skin and astringent (Toner) for oily skin.

Many of you may be thinking why is it so?

Then the answer is skin freshener is a non-drying formula for dry skin. Most of the skin freshener is hydrating one and it suits dry skin. But its not same to the acne prone or oily skin because oily skin releases much amount of oil on the skin,hence to lock that oil toner is used.

How to choose right cleansers & facewash

  Homemade toner for oily skin

1.1 Cup hot water

2.Mint leaves

Soak mint leaves in hot water until all the extract gets into the water, then after that, we can use that water as a toner.

 Homemade skin freshener for dry skin
  1. Rosewater can be used.
  2. Icecubes are the best.



Moisturizing is the basic need for all skin types.Use moisturizer as soon as we take bath.Moisturize the face atleast 2 times in a day. Moisturizing our face before applying the makeup is must as it save our skin from harmful chemicals.  Moisturizing is the protection of our skin.Now a days we get spf in moisturizer so its a double coat on our skin.

Moisturizer has two types,first is oil base moisturizer and the second one is water base/oil free moisturizer.

Water base moisturizer is used for oily skin which is also known as oil free moisturizer.

  Homemade moisturizer



3.Lemon juice

Mix all these ingredients and refrigerate it.

Hope you guys find it helpful.Do follow the CTM routine for best skin.

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