Dancing vs Running: What To Choose If You Want To Lose Weight?


The weight loss fever has become a viral now. Everywhere we can see people trying different things for weight loss. Weight loss completely depends on what you eat, and how much calorie intake you have per day.

Many people keep on trying the things just because their friend or relative have losen weight due to that activity. But it’s not soo first you will need to concentrate on your eating and then on your exercise.

Today in this article we are going to compare two physical activity, which are dancing and running. And compare both and see if which helps in losing weight faster.


Dancing is not only the fun but also a great workout to lose weight. To maintain optimal health one needs to do 30 minute workout. But if you want to lose weight you will have to increase the time.

It goes without saying that what you eat is prime importance. One needs to restrict the calorie intake in order to lose weight. But some factors are not in your hand, such as your body composition and age.

The faster you dance, the faster you will burn calories. Different types of dance can help you to burn calorie in different ways. A ballet dance can help you to burn more calorie as compared to contemporary dancing.

A person can burn 400 calorie during one hour of dancing. Or people with higher body mass index can lose up to three to four pounds a week.

Dancing for Weight loss


Running does not work for many when it comes to lose weight. As some could love running or some could not. Even fat people may have a problem with running. But if it is done in a right way, then nothing is better than running.

Running is high intensity exercise which helps to burn calories fastly. While running for weight loss one must remember not to overeat. One should carry a mini water bottle while running.

Running for 60 minutes per day is enough, but if you want more than that then you should carry juices or energy drinks. If a person runs for 5 miles per hour then you will burn 476 calories.

What To Choose For Weight Loss

The choice is completely yours if you are comfortable running then go for it. Or if you love dancing then dance. If you want to choose between two for weight loss then go for running. As running has many benefits and it may help you in losing weight.

Running early in the morning is good. Hence, plan out your running km and carry some water and go for it.

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