Dear Packer Lavender+Argan Oil Home Remedy Mask Review


Lavender is always my favourite essential oil. As this oil helps in reducing stress, dandruff and a lot of benefits. And today I am going to review dear packer lavender+argan oil home remedy mask.

Ho can I say no to lavender mask, I just can’t. But let’s see if this really works for me or not.


INR 100

For 20 gm ( 1 sheet mask ).

Product Description

  • Dear packer lavender+argan oil has lavender extracts which suppress activation of harmful substances and minimizes skin’s overreacting to harmful substances.
  • It is rich in protein and vitamin B2, the sheet mask contains all beneficial properties for healthy skin.
  • This mask keeps your skin soft, smooth and glowing.
  • Also, it lightens and brightens up your skin.
  • It is a special concentrated solution for your skin. And 100% cotton sheet masks.
  • It is free from paraben, mineral oil, talc, triclosan, triethanolamine.



How To Use

  • Wash your face and soothe it with toner.
  • Then spread the mask all over your face properly.
  • Relax for 15 minutes and then remove it off.
  • If the serum is left on your face, then just dab your face and let your skin absorbs the serum.


  • The dear packer lavender+argan oil mask has muted yellow as its theme color.
  • Whereas, inside the pack, there is a sheet mask loaded with serum.
  • The strong steal edges of the pack secure the serum from getting leaked. It is a one-time use pack, and overall the packaging is attractive.
  • The front side of the packaging shows some cute graphical imprints of lavender and argan oil.
  • Overall, the packaging is eye-catching and you can carry it anywhere.

Fragrance & Texture

The sheet mask is made up from pure white cotton type material. The serum has fluid like texture which is completely transparent.

It does not have any sticky formula, it is very lightweight and comfortable.

This sheet mask has a nice calming fragrance. It does not have an artificial smell, but a very mild smell which fades away after applying.


This mask targets dry skin, as I don’t have dry skin sometimes my skin feels dry. This mask takes care of my stretchy dry skin within 20 minutes.

It gave me moisturized and plump looking skin. It also took away the darkness and dullness from my skin.

I was scary putting argan oil mask for my oily skin, but thanks to dear packer it does not give me breakout.

Though this mask will feel oily for my skin in summers but in winters its just perfect.

All the sheet masks gives a temporary glow and nourished skin. But this mask is a great stress buster due to its lavender content.

And lavender always has my heart.

Overall, its a nice stress buster, moisturizing, hydrating mask for my skin.

Pros Of Dear Packer Lavender+Argan Oil Mask

  • Hydrates the skin.
  • Nourishes the skin.
  • Adds a subtle glow.
  • Refreshing smell.
  • Stress buster mask.
  • Non-sticky.
  • Comfortable.
  • Attractive packaging.
  • Soothes the tired skin.
  • Instant results.
  • Easy to use and carry.

Cons Of Dear Packer Lavender+Argan Oil

  • Results are temporary.


I would definitely recommend this pack to all skin types. If you are searching for stress buster mask then check out this. It calms down all the senses and also moisturizes your skin. But it gives instant results which will last for one day.



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