Dove Go Fresh Revive Pomegranate Body Wash|Review


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I am obsessed with the things that smell great. I am talking about the dove body wash which I bought recently. Today I am going to review Dove go fresh revive pomegranate body wash.

Dove pomegranate body wash


INR 140 for 190ml.

Product Description

Showers are the most refreshing part of our day. To make them more refreshing why not to add dove body wash.

This is a gentle awakening for your mind and skin. The lively quenching scent of pomegrante and lemon verbena.

This body wash is enriched with nutrium moisture which nourishes the skin deep down making your skin more beautiful.


Dove pomegranate body wash review
Dove pomegranate body wash

Direction For Use

Pour the shower gel on wet loofah.

Apply gently on your wet body.


  • Its packaging is appealing and has graphics of pomegranate on it.
  • It has a top flip-cap which shuts down easily without spilling out.
  • This body wash has a white coloured bottle with hot pink colour writing on it.
Dove pomegranate body wash review
Dove pomegranate body wash

Smell and Consistency

  • The consistency of dove go fresh pomegranate wash is creamy and is pale pink in colour.
  • It has a mild fruity refreshing smell.
Dove pomegranate body wash review
Dove pomegranate body wash
Dove pomegranate body wash

My Experience

As soon as I pump some shower gel into my loofah, the first thing I noticed is a mild fruity fragrance which stays throughout your shower session.

Dove go fresh wash produces enough lather for cleansing. It keeps my skin moisturized, does not dries out my skin.

I feel refreshing and fresh in my shower. But unfortunately the smell won’t lasts for a long.

It is great body wash. And its not harsh on my skin.

But I would say fiama shower gels are more moisturizing than dove go fresh wash.

Dove go fresh wash is moisturizing but does not lock the moisture in. I feel my body moisturized just in my shower. And when I am out from my shower the moisture dissappears.

Its nutrium moisture technology does not work that good.

Likes Of Dove Pomegranate Wash

  • Fruity mild fragrance.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Its not harsh on skin.
  • It does not dry out the skin.
  • Lathers well.
  • Small amount is needed.

Dislikes Of Dove Pomegranate Wash

  • Fragrance does not last for long.
  • It does not lock the moisture.


If you love the dove pomegranate soap than you will definetely love this shower gel. It has the same smell. Good for daily use. Oily skin people can try this out.



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