Fiama Blackcurrant And Bearberry Shower Gel Review


Hello Ladies,

How many of you still use bath soaps. When we have such an exotic shower gel why to stick on soaps. Today I am going to review Fiama blackcurrant bearberry shower gel.


INR 55 for 100ml.

INR 99 for 200ml.

Fiama Blackcurrant And Bearberry Shower gel
Fiama Blackcurrant And Bearberry Shower gel

Product Description

Fiama Di Wills body wash is infused with the richness of blackcurrant and bearberry.

  • It contains skin conditioners and also has moisture lock technology.
  • Gives you a soft moisturized and youthful skin after every bath.
  • It contains blackcurrant and bearberry extracts which pamper your skin and gives a youthful glow.
  • The luscious fragrance stays for a long time.


Fiama Blackcurrant Shower gel Ingredients

Directions For Use

Pour the shower gel on wet loofah.

Apply gently on your wet body.

Enjoy the opulent feel of glitter beads on your body and rinse off.


The Fiama bearberry shower gel comes in a long usual shaped transparent plastic bottle. You can see how much quantity is left in the bottle for repurchasing. This bottle is travel-friendly. Fiama di wills shower gel has a flip cap which shuts down tightly without any leakage.

Fiama Bearberry Shower gel Packaging

Smell and Consistency

This Fiama shower gel has an amazing fragrance. Not too harsh smell but it smells like blackberries perfume. If you have used Fiama shower gels before you may be knowing that all the Fiama shower gels smell awesome.

Fiama blackcurrant shower gel has a light purple in colour with some dark purple beads. The consistency is neither too runny nor gel-like consistency. Perfect for your body.

Fiama Di Wills Consistency

My Experience

This Fiama shower gel is one of my favourites. It’s refreshing smell attracted me and I bought this body wash. As body wash it is much more moisturizing on my body.

For every shower I just need a coin sized amount of this body wash. Hence, it is money saving. One bottle will lasts for almost one and a half month. I prefer to put it on my wet loofah and it lathers perfectly on my body that I can enjoy foam bath with it.

Hence, it is extremely gentle and soft on my skin and it’s quite easy to rinse.

I am excited to have more just exotic baths by this shower gel. It has the exotic blackberries perfumed smell which I love the most. But, unfortunately, the smell does not last for a long.

As I am out of my shower the smell just disappears from my body. I wish the smell could stay on my body for a longer period of time.

The shower gel works deeply to remove dirt and sweat from the skin. It is a great wash for daily use to wash away all the germs and impurities from the skin.

Fiama shower gel moisturizes my body with every wash. I don’t need to run to my body lotion as soon as I am out of my shower. Also, it never dries out my body nor gives me a dry feeling.

It uplifts my mood after every shower. This gel extra hydration to my skin and keeps my skin soft and moisturized for a long time. My skin feels fresh all day long. It never irritated my skin.

Pros Of Fiama Blackcurrant And Bearberry Shower Gel

  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Available easily.
  • Pocket-Friendly.
  • Exotic Smell.
  • Lifts up the mood after every wash
  • Lathers perfectly and easy to rinse.
  • Less amount is needed.
  • Moisturizes the skin and make it soft and smooth.
  • Good for all skin types.
  • Freshness lasts for long.

Cons Of Fiama Blackcurrant And Bearberry Shower gel

  • Smell does not lasts for a long.
  • Contains chemicals.

Do I Recommend Fiama Di Wills Shower Gel

Yes, I would recommend this to everyone. If you are the one who loves the exotic feeling than get your hands on this body wash. Fiama blackcurrant and bearberry shower gel is good for daily use, quite affordable and worth it. And also suits all skin types.



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