Garnier Skin Naturals Green Tea Serum Mask Review


Today’s review is all about pampering sheet mask which is targeted for oily to combination skin. So here is the review of Garnier skin naturals green tea serum mask review. However, green tea has been always my favourite ingredient and I just can’t miss any product which has green tea extracts. Now, let’s see how it performs.


INR 99 for 1 sheet mask.

Product Description

  • Garnier green tea serum mask is enriched with green tea extracts, hyaluronic acid.
  • Similarly, it rehydrates, mattifies and reduces skin pores.
  • The brand claims that 1 mask= 1 week of serum.

How to use

  • Unfold the Garnier green tea mask and apply the white tissue side to a clean face.
  • Remove the protective blue film.
  • Adjust the mask to the contours of the face.
  • Leave on for 15 minutes.
  • Then remove the mask and massage the serum into the skin.


Garnier Green Tea Serum Mask Ingredients
Garnier Green Tea Serum Mask Ingredients


  • The Garnier green tea serum mask comes in a relatively big packaging.
  • The mask inside has 2 layers one is white and the other is blue.
  • Overall, the packaging is travel-friendly and quite impressive.


Garnier green tea serum does not have that refreshing smell, but neither a bad smell. Just an ok smell which is not too good nor bad.

Color & Texture

Upon opening, you will see a luxurious soaked mask in serum. Apart from this, the mask is made with tissue cloth. And the tissue cloth is again layered up with a blue cloth.

The serum is super silky in texture and feels very rich.

My experience

Firstly, I always refrigerate the mask before using it. Overall, the mask is the same as the other sheet masks but the only difference is you need to peel the blue layer and apply the white sheet mask.

The mask feels quite cool and gives a cooling effect to the skin. I used it on a warm day and felt very relaxing.

The mask is enough large to cover all my face. The mask sticks very well, and one can walk around with this mask. I kept this mask for about 30 minutes more than they recommended, because I found it very nourishing for my skin.

When I removed the mask, a lot more serum was still remaining on my skin. My face looked clearer after peeling the mask.

Even my pores appear smaller, but my face was very sticky.

I would recommend using this mask at the night for best results. Because the sticky serum takes time to show its magic and it would work perfectly in the night.

Pros Of Garnier Green Tea Mask

  • Comes with a protective film.
  • Hydrates skin.
  • Firm mask.
  • Feels nice & cool on the skin.
  • Affordable.
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • A lot of serum.
  • Reduces pore size.

Cons Of Garnier Green Tea Mask

  • Feels a little bit sticky after use.
  • Temporary effect.


This mask is perfect for hydrating. It suits all skin types so you can try it out. However, it’s not expensive, so you can give it a try. Just use it in the night for better results.

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