Good Vibes Moisturizing Green Tea Hand Cream Review


Today I’m going to review good vibes moisturizing green tea hand cream. I have tried many hand creams but never heard about this brand. I was just scrolling Youtube and I saw this good vibes brand. Firstly, good vibes products only available on purplle. So I decided to give this hand cream a try. Read on to see how it fared me.


INR 145 for 50g.

Product Description

Good vibes green tea hand cream is enriched with goodness of green tea, wheat germ oil and carrot oil.

The wheat germ oil moisturizes your hands. Similarly, the apple extracts hydrate your hands and carrot helps with uneven skin tone. Good vibes is a cruelty-free brand.


Good vibes green tea hand cream ingredients



The good vibes green tea hand cream comes in a tube packaging. It comes with a flip cap which shuts tightly and secures the product.

Overall, the packaging is travel friendly.


It has a nice smell. The smell is not too harsh for sensitive noses. But I don’t like the smell, it’s just ok smell.



The hand cream is white in color and also has very lightweight texture. Besides this, it has silky smooth texture which gets absorbed easily into the skin without any greasiness behind.

My Experience

Firstly, I never heard about good vibes. When I was scrolling my youtube, I just saw this affordable brand.

Hence, I decided to try some of their products. This hand cream is enriched with green tea, and I can’t say no to green tea.

Currently, I’m obessesed with this hand cream because it is so light weight on hands and hydrates my hands instantly.

And the main part it works as same as how the other costly hand creams work. The smell lingers for almost some time and then just fades away.

It is free from paraben, sulphates. Also, it locks in moisture for some hours and reapplication is needed.

Overall, It is nice moisturizing, hydrating hand cream.

Pros Of Good Vibes Green Tea Hand Cream

  • Hydrating
  • Moisturizing
  • Budget-friendly
  • Free from paraben, sulphates
  • Secured packaging
  • Smooth texture
  • Gets absorbed easily
  • Does not leaves any greasiness behind

Cons Of Good Vibes Green Tea Hand Cream

  • The smell could be better
  • Reapplication is needed after some hours
  • Available only on purplle


If you’re searching for some nice pocket friendly hand creams then just go for it. It will definitely not disappoint you.



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