How Can Chocolate Help With Acne Problems ?

How Can Chocolate Help With Acne Problems

The controversial connection between chocolate and acne breakout has been debunked and proven again and again. But in fact, eating the right chocolate in the right amount does cause pimple breakout.

Chocolate is loaded with powerful antioxidants which is good for skin related problems. That’s why so many centres offer a mask, facial treatment, spa and many more treatments.

Let’s take a closer look on how chocolate works.

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Chocolate contains cocoa and cocoa is packed full of anti-oxidants. The department of food and science technology found that cocoa has anti-oxidants more than green tea, black tea and red wine.

But only if you choose the right bar of chocolate. It’s not so that you can have any piece of it and just think it is so good for my acne. Though it is good, just one piece not a whole bar everyday.

You can have your small piece of chocolate every day after your meal.

And the most important thing while choosing chocolate you should choose 70% cocoa content in it. Otherwise, eating anything would be harmful. Because of a lot of brands promises to be good but actually, they are not. These fake brands may contain all sugar in the bars.

Always check ingredients list before purchasing it.

The anti-oxidant in chocolate helps to slow down ageing and can prevent acne-scarring, speed up acne healing time. It also reduces the inflammation caused by break outs.

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When you think of healthy, nutritious chocolate probably isn’t the first thing that comes in mind. Because we never thought off, chocolate for health benefits or for healing acne. But it has a bunch of vitamins A, B-Complex, vitamin D and E.

Each of these ingredients are found helpful for the patient who are dealing with serious acne problems.

Vitamin A is an especially famous vitamin when it comes to battling pimples.

Vitamin A in can fight off free radicals. Also it can reduce sebum production which clogs up your pores. Last but not the least vitamin A triggers the growth of healthy skin cells and keep your skin strong.

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