How Often You Should Wash Your Hair?

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     How often you should wash your hairs? We keep on asking everyone. Did you ask your friend about that? Some might say every day, or twice or thrice in a week. In these busy schedule, we don’t have enough time to wash hairs. And drying hairs in more tricky step.

  Preparing a schedule for washing hairs is almost challenging. But washing hairs is all about, or depends on hair type. We all have different hair type. Hence, washing yours hairs fully depends on hair type. 

  Dry hairs ladies cannot wash their hairs every day. This tends to get more dry hairs. Let’s look into why you should wash your hairs. And we will discuss how often to wash hairs. Read to know more.

Why You Should Wash Your Hairs?

          Oil Secretion

    Just like your face, your hairs too become oily and greasy. I think we have observed this lot of times. Hairs become oily due to secretion of sebum just like our face. Sebum is released from sebaceous glands located next to hair roots. It makes your scalp oily. This is natural thing that occurs in every scalp. But the oiliness differs from person to person.

          Unwashed Dirt & Sweat

  Are you a gym lover? Because exercise causes a lot of sweat especially in hairs. And that makes more oily hairs. Because sweat clogs your pores and makes scalp dirty and itchy. If you are a fitness lover then you might be washing your hair very often. 


  If you are dealing with dandruff you may have a very itchy scalp. And need to wash your hairs daily. As dandruff is a condition where dead skin cells fall as white flakes and cause itchiness & dryness.

  The big fat question is still remaining….


How often you should wash your hairs

   Let’s get into the point now. Washing your hairs differs from person to person. Because we all have different scalp and hairs too. Some may have dandruff problems some may not. Some may have oily hairs or dry hairs. Let’s begin with all hairs types.

Scalp Type

      Oily & Dandruff

 If you are dealing with oily scalp then you should wash your hairs often. But not daily. Thrice in week is good. And if with oily scalp you are dealing with dandruff then four times in week. But this completely depends on dandruff amount. If dandruff is severe then it’s ok to wash four times. But if dandruff is normal then three times in week.

  Right Shampoo

  If you are using regular shampoo for oily scalp or dandruff this could be a risk. And can damage your hairs. Oily hairs should go with clay shampoo or honey & lemon, apple cider vinegar etc.

   Dandruff hairs should go with anti-dandruff shampoo. This will maintain the scalp health and remove the dead skin cells out their. Search for tea tree shampoo. Tea tree could help to treat dandruff.


       Dry Scalp

   If you are having dry scalp and dry hairs. Then don’t go for often hair washes. Dry hairs need a proper care. Because dry hairs can often causes dandruff. And dry scalp needs a proper nourishment. People with dry hairs wash your hairs Thrice a week. Not more not less have a average wash.

       Shampoo for dry hair

     People with dry frizzy hairs search for moisturized shampoo. So that it could lock the moisture into your hairs. This would cause less frizzy hairs. Choose a lightweight shampoo enriched with coconut, olive oil extracts. Choose a mild shampoo to moisturize the scalp.

     Activity or Exercise

   If you are fitness freak then you need to be conscious of your hairs. As due to exercise there is a lot of sweat. And sweat clogs pores and makes your scalp itchy. Therefore, my gym lovers you need to wash or hairs after exercise of dry them out completely. You can also use a cool dryer or dry shampoo. As per your preference. 

   Do not rinse off your hair with water. This would not help you in any kind. Shampooing your hair for every alternate day is ok for who lives in a humid climate, or who does a lot of physical activity.

 Why Shampooing your hairs is necessary

 Shampooing hairs

    Shampooing your hairs is necessary because shampoo rinses off all your dirt from the scalp. Shampoo acts as an emulsifier and washes away the excess oil. Excessive shampooing removes natural oils from scalp and leaves behind dry frizzy hairs. As I always say, overdone is not good.

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