How Raw Milk Can Be Used To Enhance Your Beauty


Raw Milk is being used since ancient time to enhance your beauty. It can be used as your daily dose of beauty. But how to use milk in your daily beauty regime. Let’s find it out.

How Raw milk is used to enhance your beauty
Raw Milk

1. Skin Cleanser

Milk is an amazing natural facial cleanser for your skin. It drives out all the dirt from the clogged pores. Hence, prevents further blackheads and acne.

Take a cotton ball, dip into milk and apply all over your face. Massage gently and clean your face. You will glad to see that milk cleanses your skin so well. Also, it removes all the dirt from your skin.

2. Makeup-Remover

Can we use milk as makeup-remover? Well the answer is yes. Milk removes all your makeup from your face. Whether it is your smoky eye makeup or lip makeup. It cleanses your skin deeply and removes all sort of makeup.

Take a cotton ball dipped into milk and apply on your face. Using a clean cotton ball remove your makeup.

3. Exfoliating Bath

All the ancient queens where known for their beauty bath. They used to have a raw milk bath. Lactic acid in the milk brightens up your skin and also prevents from skin diseases like eczema.

Milk also exfoliates the skin, removes dead skin cells and give you a baby soft skin. Just add 2 cups of milk, your favourite essential oil and enjoy your bathing.

4. Moisturization

One of the best property of milk is moisturizing. It nourishes deeper skin layers and moisturizes the skin. It effectively treats the common problem of winter dryness too.

  1. 2 Tsp of gram flour.
  2. 2 Tsp of milk.
  3. 1 Tsp of honey.

Mix all the above ingredients and apply on your face. Wash it off in 15 minutes. You will get a soft supple and bright skin tone.

Use Raw Milk To Enhance Your Beauty

5. Glowy Skin

Unwanted tans, darker skin and pigmentation can be solved by applying raw milk. The high lactic acid content not only has lightning properties but also it removes dead skin cells.

Always add two drops of milk to your face pack. Instead of mixing with water, mix it with milk. Do mix with homemade face packs for better results.

6. Natural Sunscreen

Raw milk not just brightens up your skin but also protects. But how does it protects your skin? Take some raw milk mix in curd and apply before stepping out in the sun. This would create a shield on your skin. Milk will act as a natural sunscreen. Isn’t it amazing? Natural sunscreen.

7. Treats Dry Skin

Milk has a lot of benefits for dry skin. Especially, dry skin is hard to treat during winters. Take two tsp of milk, honey and gram flour mix it well. And apply every alternate day for good results. This would help to get rid of dry flaky skin.

8. Treats Acne

Yes, its true, milk also fights with acne. Raw milk is an acne fighting agent. It removes excess oil without making skin dry. The skin is neither too oily nor dry. Therefore, your acne issue is solved by milk.

2 tbsp of fullers earth and raw milk, and mix it well. Then add sandalwood powder and apply on your face. Try this twice a week for better results.

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