How To Control Too Much Sweating In Summers


Summers always come along with sweat. And if you’re kind of a person who sweat a lot then nothing is worse than this. While sweating is the natural way of the body to get rid of toxins and maintain body temperature. But excessive sweating can lead to body odour and other concerns. Therefore, today we are going to tell some natural ways to control sweating in summers.

Avoid spicy food

Did you know some spicy food stimulate sweat glands and causes body odour? This is because spices activate neurotransmitters called acetylcholine something that immediately stimulates sweat glands. Even garlic and onion can worsen your body odour. Whereas, processed foods can trigger sweat glands as they often contain chemical toxins that the body tries to eliminate. So make sure you cut down all the spicy foods especially in summers.


The material and styles you wear can increase or minimize sweating in summers. Synthetic materials trap heat due to their tight fitting. Whereas, cotton, linen clothes are much more breathable in summers. Looser fitting clothes also allows for better circulation, which can keep your body temperature down.

Hot water baths

Many people are stick to hot water baths, they just can’t stop that. But hot water baths is also the main reason behind sweat in summers. Try to switch to lukewarm or cold water baths in summers. While you take your bath, make sure you use something cooling and anti-bacterial to get rid of the toxins at the same time.

Avoid coffee

I know you might be a lover of coffee and just can’t live without it. But a daily dose of caffeine can stimulate your nervous system and that could lead to sweating in summers. Just remember that coffee is going to be the reason for sweating in summers. Therefore, try to avoid caffeine as much as possible.

Keep hydrated

Drink plenty of water and other natural juices throughout the day. When you’re hydrated your body stays at a low temperature and hence you sweat less. Water regulates your body temperature, flushing out toxins via urination. So keep your body hydrated and say no to sweat.

Shave or wax your hair

Sweat accumulates in the hair thereby promoting bacteria growth which causes body odour. Reducing moisture an preventing it from building up also allows more air to reach to the skin. And also shaving or waxing cools your body skin and makes sweat easier to evaporate.

So these were some ways to control your excessive sweating in summers.

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