How To Cure Dandruff At Home

How To Cure Dandruff At Home

Hair Doesn’t Make The Women But Good Hair Definitely Helps.
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How to cure dandruff at home

Hair is the most identical part of our face.A good hairs defines the women personality.But we are loosing these hairs texture day by day due to pollution and some environmental factors.

In the early decades we were not having any shampoo’s or any luxurious treatments for our hairs.What they had was just some homemade tips and tricks.Maintaining our hair is just so much difficult these days.

As we come across many advertise of hair shampoos,serums,some treatments,oils and much more.Picking that one right shampoo or therapy is very hard,because we are not aware of what are hairs could react to this treatments.

When i had some dandruff my mom first handed me a bowl of curd and ask me put in my scalp,and i was like,how this gonna work for dandruff? But it actually was boon for my hairs.

Here I’m sharing my few home remedies for dandruff which actually works.They do not have any side effects or chemicals nothing.You are free to try them all as per your choice.

If you are trying these remedies,the one thing use a herbal shampoo which is free from chemicals.

So lets begin with some tricks and tips for that dandruff in your hair.So basically what is dandruff guys?

Dandruff is our own scalp which gets dried due to some reasons,if we have oily hairs we tend to have more dandruff,some have dandruff at a very small age.So lets jump to more tricks.

1. Whenever you are oiling your hair always use hot oil not too hot but lukewarm oil for hair.What it does is,more oil gets into the scalp.Ok,,,add some lemon juice or Campor tablets to your warm oil and massage your hair.

2. Apply Yogurt to your hair half an hour before you wash your hair.

3. Take some Fullers Earth (Multani Mitti), yogurt, mix them all make a paste and wash your hair with this.

4. Do not use hot water to wash your hairs,always use lukewarm water to wash your hair.Hot water can make your scalp dry.

5. Start drinking Aloevera juice,early in the morning.

6. Take two tablespoon aloevera juice and two tablespoon lemon juice mix them well and apply on the scalp.

7. Add Gram Flour to Yogurt make a smooth paste and apply it.

8. Use Mustard seeds oil or Olive oil for your hair.

9. Always take a Steam for your hair,before washing them.

10. Use Reetha powder to wash your hair,it gives works good for your hair.

11. Massage your hair with Sesame Oil.

12. Soak onion slices overnight and apply that water next day before you wash your hairs.

13. You can also use Rosemary Oil for dandruff,or you can get Rosemary Essential Oil mix it with your regular oil and apply it.

14. Boil some potatoes in water,boil till the potatoes burst get that extract water and wash your hair with this water.


Do try all these simple tips to treat your dandruff guys,let me know in my comments if you have any doubt.


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