How To Cure Puffy Skin


If You have been finding your skin looking unusually puffy in the morning. While there are several reasons, you need to take certain measures to arrest puffiness. We have listed them all below.


Dehydration is one of the major monster behind puffy skin. Dehydration is equal too lack of water, and lack of water causes you blood vessels enlarge.

So make sure you drink atleast 8-10 glass of water every day. As your body supplies water very last to the skin. If the quench of your body is fulfilled then it will provide water to your skin.

So remember the first thing to deal with puffy skin is drinking a lot of water.

Stick On Eye Creams

The most delicate part of your body is eye. The eye area gets puffy very easily and later on it increases to fine lines and wrinkles.

To save you puffy eye start using a hydrating eye cream. It is never too late to use eye cream, hence start using as early as possible.

Because your eye shows first signs of ageing and later on turn into dark puffy eyes. Using eye cream is the best way to cure puffy skin around your eyes.


Check Your Alcohol Consumption

Do you know the one thing about alcohol is, consuming alcohol dehydrates your body. It dilates blood vessels and leads to puffy skin.

So make sure you check your alcohol consumption rate and choose cocktails that contain lesser alcohol percentage.

Watch Your Salt Intake

Would you believe that there’s is a connection between your salt intake and puffy skin?

Yes, because salt causes water retention in the body leading to swollen skin.

Therefore, consume less sodium or salt.


Last but not the least, sleep is very important and common reason behind puffy skin.

Because sleep is the time when our skin repairs and generates new cells. Sleep deprivation causes blood vessels to dilate resulting in puffiness.

Ice Facial

This is rescue to all your puffy skin problems. Rub some ice cubes early in the morning or dip your face into a ice water bowl.

Rubbing ice on face eases swelling and reduces puffiness.

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