How To Get Flawless Skin

How to get flawless skin
How to get flawless skin

Flawless skin is without pimples,blackheads,dark spots,dry patches, and so on.Knowing type of your skin, choosing the best and right for your skin gives a flawless skin.

We all are in run to achieve that look.Knowing the needs of our individual skin and providing skin with enough nutrition,is key for flawless skin.Apart from external care skin needs nutrition form inside.

Skin Foods For Flawless Skin

It is always good to have plenty of water every day.Getting the right antioxidants,minerals,vitamins is though essential for healthy skin.Do drink plenty of water.Water flushes out the toxins from our body.


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Include fresh fruits,steamed vegetables,green tea,salads helps to give you a better skin tone.Get your daily dose of exercise,burn out fats and toxins.Hence,get some meditation,reduce your stress,breathe properly are the signs of flawless skin.

Get adequate amount of sleep.The repair and renewal of cells take place in sleep.Make sure you complete that need.Flawless skin and internal good health are two sides of coin.Both of these are very essential.

Skin Types

Skincare according to skin types is the main key.Skin types fall into four major categories like oily,combination,normal and sensitive skin type.A normal skin is balanced neither too oily nor too dry skin.Then too normal skin needs daily care.

A dry skin lacks of oils and moisture.Dry skin is basically chapped with flakes and some dries cheeks.Oily skin has more secretion of oils in it.Hence,oily skin gets pimples easily.Combination oily skin type has specially T-zone area.This T-zone area tends to get oily all the time.


For flawless skin,you would need cleanser,toner,moisturizer,day creams and good scrubs.For blackheads use nose strips,some peel off for whiteheads & blackheads.Use facial scrub twice.Do not scrub not acne or rash skin.Sensitive skin needs a mild scrub not harsh.

Sunscreen & Exfoliating

Dry skin needs a moisturizing and exfoliating scrubs.You also need sunscreen to prevent skin from ultraviolet rays.Sensitive skin you should always use sunscreen with SPF 50 or SPF 60.For normal to oily skin SPF 30-40 is good.Make sure you apply sunscreen 15 min before you are out in the sun.

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Avoid washing face more than 2-3 times per day.Too much soap and water can make skin alkaline and leave it to acne conditions.Night time cleansing is so important.Remove the makeup,impurities and pollutants and get a good sleep.

Daily routine really helps to get flawless skin.It keeps skin in good condition and healthy,hydrated,protected and flawless.


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