How To Protect Your Hair At The Beach


Don’t we all love lazing on a beach and enjoying the view? And that feeling is just amazing, but how to protect your hair at the beach? However, spending all the time under the sun does have disadvantages. It can seriously damage your hairs a lot. The sun and salt water can leave your hairs frizzy, dry and greasy.

If you don’t want to damage your hairs while enjoying the view, here are some tips to follow to protect your hairs.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

The very first thing to protect your hairs from the tempting sun is to keep yourself hydrated. Salt water, sweat as well as constant heat exposure can suck all the moisture from your hairs. And it will leave with dry, frizzy and damaged hairs.

However, to avoid this make sure you drink lots of water and then jump into the beach. After all, the more hydrated you are the less hair damage will occur.

Use a Leave-In Conditioner

Using a leave in conditioner protect your hair. Basically leave in conditioner is as good as slathering a body butter all over your body in winters. It will provide a good amount of moisture to your hairs and prevent it from drying.

As well as your hair will end up absorbing the conditioner instead of salt water.

Frizz Free Shampoo

In order to protect your hairs from tempting sun, its really important to use a nourishing shampoo. Use a frizz free nourishing shampoo to combact humidity and provide your hair with intense nourishment.

Wet Your Hairs

Wetting your hair before jumping to the sea may sound a little weird. But wetting your hair before you jump into the sea can actually protect your hairs a quite bit. This is because fresh water adds a coat to your hair and it could prevent some salt water being absorbed into the hairs.

Protect Your Hair At The Beach By Wearing Hat
Protect Your Hair At The Beach By Wearing Hat

Wear A Hat

Wearing a protective layer on your hairs is the best way to protect your hair. Always wear a hat which would prevent hairs from damaging in the sun.

If you are style concious than you can also cope up with stylish hat. Hat will not only protect your hairs from damaging but also protect your scalp.

Cut Down Heat Styling

Avoid doing any additional damage to your hairs by applying heat. Don’t apply any heat external heat on your hairs before heading to the beach and also after coming back. This is because build up heat can cause more damage to your hairs.

Also, its good to give your hair a 24 hours break from any external heat applications. You should also avoid using blow dryer. Let your hair dry by its own.

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