How To Sun-proof Your Hair To Avoid Damage

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Sun protection is a must for your skin and hair. Did you know hair follicles are actually just specialized skin cells? They can just get damaged when they’re overexposed to the sun as like as your skin. When this happens the protective barrier of natural oils on the scalp will get affected. This could indirectly lead to hair fall. Therefore, you should sun-proof your hairs to avoid damage. Here are some tips to sun-proof your hair.


1. Wear a hat

This is one of the simplest ways to protect your hairs from damage. And it is probably one of the best investment for your hairs. By wearing a hat when you’re outdoors it will not only protect your hairs but also skin. In addition to this, a hat will keep you cooler. This is the best way to sun-proof your hairs.

2. Right Hair Cleanser

When you’re dealing with extreme heat your hairs needs an extra boost of nourishment. As sun sucks all the moisture and this results in dry hairs. Use a sulphate free shampoo and a nourishing shampoo this summers. You need a shampoo which would cleanse your dirty an oily scalp.

3. Use a hair mask

As the rays of the sun are very harsher in summer months, you’ll probably need extra care for your hairs. Once a week, use a hydrating and nourishing hair mask. As the heat causes your hair cuticles to open up. The best time to pamper your hair is when you come back come so the hair could absorb the moisture into the scalp.

4. Always use conditioner

When you wash your hair with shampoo, it’s extremely important to use a conditioner. As the sun dries out your hair, you need something to help restore some moisture. And conditioner could really help in getting that. Therefore, don’t miss using conditioner and sun-proof your hair.

5. Avoid heat

The sun’s heat is already damaging your hair a lot. And in addition to that if you gave an extra heat, just imagine how would your hairs turn out. In order to prevent this external damage, you can air dry your hair and avoid using blow dryers. Let your hairs dry naturally, and don’t use heat.

6. Use a leave-in conditioner

Last but not least your hairs too need a sunscreen. If you are always out in the sun, invest in leave in conditioner with sunscreen. Or you can also choose other hair products that contain sunscreen.

These were some ways to sun-proof your hair this summers.

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