How To Use A Loofah And Care Your Loofah


What is loofah? I know many of you may be using this. Natural loofah is nothing but made from fiberous material found in gourd-like fruits.

But nowadays most of the loofah and sponges are made from plastic. Usually, you should always prefer natural loofahs over a plastic one.

The sponges are used to clean the body or to exfoliate your body. Now let’s see how to use a loofah and the most important thing is how to take care of your loofah.

How To Use Loofah?

  • Firstly, wet the sponge with warm water, because this will make it softer.
  • Pour some shower gel, body wash or just rub bar soap on it.
  • It is always good to use shower gels and body washes but if you don’t you can obviously go with your bar soaps.
  • Just splash the loofah into your hands and create a foam.
  • Then start scrubbing your body.
  • Then gently but firmly rub the sponge against your skin in circular motions.

Now, rinse your body with cold water. Cold water will close your open pores and make you feel awake and refreshed.

Caring Your Loofah

Dry Your Loofah

Rinse your loofah after every use. Use hot water to clean your sponge and make sure you remove all the foam created. Otherwise, the soap remaining in that area could start smelling.

Dry out your loofah outside your bathroom. Make sure it is dried completely, or you can dry it near the fan.

The best way to dry it and kill all the bacteria from it is, place it in the sun. As the sun rays could dry it completely.

Sanitize It

Sanitizing the sponge is most important thing. Whether you use a plastic one or natural one, you should sanitize it.

You can run it through hot wash cycle with your towel, run it through dishwasher, microwave it for 30 seconds. Or the best way is too boil it in hot water for couple of minutes. This could kill the bacteria that might be growing.

No matter what method you use, do it atleast once a week to make sure they are healthy to use.

Dermatologist have found that loofah’s can contain fungal organisms that lead to skin infections.

That’s why it is important to make sure you keep your sponges clean, replace them fairly regularly and use them gently not vigorously.

Avoid Using It For Few Days After You Shave

Bacteria can enter your skin through any sort or nick or cut. Therefore you shouldn’t use a loofah for a couple of days after you shave your body.

Some doctors recommend to use sponge(loofah) only twice a week.

Never Use It On Your Face Or In Your Genital Area

Your face and genital areas are very delicate part of your body. Hence, they are more prone to infections. So you should not use any body material over there.

Replace It Regularly

It you have natural loofah’s you should replace it every three to four weeks. But if you have the plastic one, you can use them for almost two months.

Usually but now always, if you notice any mold growing on it you should throw that immediately and get the new one.

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