Innisfree Bija And Aloe Capsule Recipe Review


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Today I’m going to review Innisfree bija and aloe capsule recipe pack. Aloe vera is useful for many skin problems such as sunburn, tan etc. So let’s see how this pack works.


INR 150 for 10 ml.

Product Description

  • Innisfree bija and aloe capsule recipe pack soothes sensitive skin and provides moisture.
  • Similarly, bija and aloe both treat many skin problems.
  • Overall, it is a sleeping mask with lightweight texture and use it overnight for better results.


Innisfree bija and aloe capsule recipe pack ingredients


The Innisfree bija and aloe comes in a brown droplet shaped plastic jar with a lid same shaped fitting at the opening. The green coloured seal and the logo tell you what the pack is about. But once, you open the cap, you’ll have to tear plastic seal to get the product.

Since, it is just a sample pack, which has very quantity and can be used for 2 times.

Overall, it is a travel-friendly packaging if you did not open the seal.



It has a very mild fragrance which stays for a long time.

Innisfree bija and aloe capsule recipe pack texture


The consistency is thin and resembles that of very thin almost water like aloe vera gel. It easily glides on the skin.


Firstly, the quantity provided is very less almost 1 tbsp. So I find that to be disappointing. It glides evenly on the skin and doesn’t dry out the skin.

In fact it stays for 1 hour and slowly starts drying. But it does not dry out completely and then your skin feels stretchy.

It is slightly sticky when you touch it after couple of hours. The pack is supposed to keep overnight on your face. After applying I massage it for some time and then go to bed.

It was not harsh or irritating for my skin. I just feel the same when I apply any other aloe vera gel.

Also, I did not notice any redness of breakout. This mask soothes skin and moisturizes my skin. Overall, the results lasts for almost 1-2 days not more than that.

Pros Of Innisfree Bija And Aloe Capsule Recipe

  • Soothes skin
  • Moisturizes too
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin
  • Light texture
  • Can be used 2-3 times

Cons Of Innisfree Bija And Aloe Capsule Recipe

  • Takes a lot of time to show results.
  • Less quantity
  • Expensive for the quantity provided
  • Not travel-friendly packaging


I would not repurchase it nor recommend. Because it just works as any other aloe vera gels.



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