Innisfree Rice Sleeping Mask Capsule Recipe Pack Review


Hello ladies,

Recently I purchased an Innisfree sleeping pack. Innisfree is a Korean skincare brand, their products are just awesome. So I bought Innisfree rice sleeping mask capsule recipe pack. These capsule recipe packs are a tiny version of the big sleeping pack. This rice capsule claims to give you a bright and clear skin, now let’s see how it works.


INR 150 for 10 ml.

Product Description

  • Innisfree rice sleeping pack comes with the extracts of rice which give you clear and bright skin.
  • Innisfree is the first natural brand from Korea, is dedicated to sharing the clean and pure energy of nature for healthy beauty.
  • Similarly, this rice sleeping pack nourishes and brightens up your skin.




The Innisfree rice capsule pack comes in a jar form. The off white coloured seal and little logo tell you what the variant is about. Apart from this, the back has a sticker that tells you about the ingredients and etc.

Whereas the capsule pack is really small and once you open it, it doesn’t get fully closed. Overall, the packaging is cute little and if unopened it is safe for travelling.



The Innisfree rice sleeping mask has a really mild smell or rice. Also, I can say it has a similar smell of rice water.

Texture of rice capsule recipe pack
Texture of rice capsule recipe pack


The Innisfree rice capsule pack has a neither thick nor runny consistency. Overall, the consistency is perfect to apply for your face.

My Experience

Firstly, I love using sleeping mask and I had heard a lot about rice. As rice is their very special ingredient that they used in their beauty regime. So I was very excited to try this Innisfree rice sleeping mask.

The quantity provided was very less. It’s hardly a tbs of the product. So I find it little bit disappointing. Anyway the pack looks like rice thin paste.

After applying it doesn’t dry out my skin nor makes it oily. In fact, it stays for almost 1 hour after applying and then slowly starts drying.

It’s slightly sticky if you touch your skin after some minutes. The pack is supposed to keep overnight. So I kept it overnight and washed it in the next morning.

I applied this mask and massage it into my skin, and the next day it gave me healthy and nourished looking skin.

Surprisingly, I don’t need a lot of amount for my face, a little can go long way.

The Innisfree rice capsule recipe pack claims to brighten and clarify the skin, which it actually does. It gives a nice healthy, brightened looking skin the next morning.

Overall, its a good sleeping mask and does what it claims.

Pros of Innisfree rice sleeping mask capsule recipe pack

  • Brightens the skin
  • Nice packaging
  • Does what it claims
  • Absorbs easily
  • Nice texture
  • Mild fragrance
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin

Cons of Innisfree rice sleeping mask

  • Expensive for the quantity provided.
  • Once opened, it can’t be used while travelling.
  • Results last for a short period of time
  • For best results, you need to use it regularly.


If you want to try a sleeping mask, but don’t want to invest a lot of money. Then you can get your hands on this mini version. But you’ll need to use it regularly for better results.



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