Is It Safe To Use Tampons

Is it safe to use tampon 1 - Is It Safe To Use Tampons
Is it safe to use tampon

   Tampons?  A big question, should we use or no. What are tampon brands? Let’s begin step by step. Read to know more about the tampon.

What are Tampon

Basically, a tampon is a feminine hygiene product designed to absorb menstrual flow. Just insert into the vagina during menstruation. Once inserted correctly, vagina holds the tampon and tampon expand as it soaks the flow.

Tampon Brands

  Tampon Brands

  1. Bella
  2. Sofy
  3. Tampax
  4. Playtex
  5. o.b
  6. Emerita
  7. Boiron

    Tampon Sizes

           Tampon sizes vary in the amount of fluid they can absorb. Remember, use tampon only in menstrual cycle or periods.

  1. Regular size
  2. Super size
  3. Super Plus size
  4. Ultra absorbency size

   Are Tampon Safe For Swimming

Are tampon safe for swimming?

         Yes it is safe for swimming. Tampon are safe for swimming because you insert tampon into vagina. And vagina holds the tampon. Your tampon does not come out of fall. Many ladies may be worried that if it may fall? But no it’s not going to fall.

     Because as you insert the vagina inside it will not come out. It will only come out when you want to remove. Because how inserted tampon is going to come out.

      Your vaginal openings hold the tampons. Therefore, don’t worry ladies tampon are safe for swimming. Just a thread will lie on your panty and that’s ok while swimming.

    Is it safe to use tampon

                   Yes it is safe to use tampon. But you need to change the tampon for every 4-8 hours. Using tampon is best way to prevent stains on clothes. Although, menstrual cup has blown the market. And tampon is old fashioned.

           If a tampon is in your vagina for a long time then this is dangerous. It can cause an illness called toxic shock syndrome. To prevent TSS or Toxic shock you need to change your tampon regularly.

    You can use any tampon brand as per your convenience.

       We cannot say tampon is 100% secure. But if used properly it’s good. You just need to change your tampon after every 4-8 hours. And as tampon sucks menstrual flow it expands, hence we can recognize it. You can use a tampon in the day and sanitary pads in the night.

    Stayfree Tampons

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