Is Oily Skin Good?

           Is Oily Skin Good

Hi ladies,

Is oily skin a curse or bone?Is oily skin good? Today we are talking about oily skin.Many people think that this skin type is the worst thing.Hence,it is not as you think.Let me explain you all.

Oily Skin is result of overproduction of sebum from glands.Sebum isn’t bad because it moisturizes and hydrates the skin.Too much sebum leads to oily skin.Not to worry at all.

Last but not the least their are some remedies to get rid of excess oil.This skin type is bone,as we don’t need to more moisturize skin.Lets jump on remedies


Food For Oily Skin

Now,food plays an important role in this.Because body decides to secret more oil or not.Stop eating junk foods.Eat less oily foods.Go green,vegetables,fruits etc.Stay hydrated,drink plenty of water.

Start exercising,practice yoga and other activities.Exercise releases heat from the body.Get smoothies,spinach juice more green.Spinach juice will help a lot.



Washing Face

Wash your face twice in a day.Choose the face wash with salicylic acid.Don’t go for any other herbal face washes.Make sure you use salicylic acid mentioned in ingredient face washes.

Face washes

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Face Masking

  1. Multani Mitti ( Fullers Earth ).
  2. Sandalwood powder.

  3. Neem powder.

  4. Turmeric.

Take a jar add above ingredients 2 table spoons.Store it in jar.Whenever used take the mixture,add some raw milk and apply.Make sure you apply thrice in a week.

CTM Routine

Follow the CTM routine regularly on daily basis.Choose the right cleanser,toner and moisturizer.Do not skip this.

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Use Tissues

Use extra virgin facial tissues to wip the face daily.This will prevent from other bacteria on towels etc.


Choose The Right Makeup

Now makeup is we all need it.But while choosing it,especially for oily skin choose wisely.Use oil free products.Gel based sunscreen.Oil free foundations and etc.

Aloe Vera Gel

No matter which brand gel you are choosing,use it.Or you can get the original one.Aloe vera soothes our skin and have many benefits.

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Ice Facial

Ice facial tightens the pores,hence their are no pimples.Mostly,oily skin have large pores.Ice facial reduces the large pores and reduces wrinkles.

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Therefore try out all these steps.And don’t think,is oily skin good.Obviously it is good.


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