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Jeva Activated Charcoal Peel Of Mask Review

Hey friends,

I am again up here to share my new experience with you all.Today we are going to talk about charcoal mask.I have never tried charcoal masks or just charcoal on my skin.I tried Jeva Activated Charcoal Peel Of Mask.I was not pretty  sure in the beginning that this would actually works for my skin.

But guess what? It worked so evenly,gently that its just wow for me.Lets start reviewing this.



1. Jeva activated charcoal peel of mask is enriched with activated charcoal.This mask is specially formulated to remove pore-clogging dirt and extra oils.

2. Jeva charcoal mask,make sure to remove all the blackheads.

3. Charcoal acts like magnet to draw out deeply rooted impurities.

4. Argan oil in it gives hydrated & soft skin leaving your skin moisturized.

5. Argan oil absorbs easily and gives you non-greasy and non-irritated feel.

6. Jeva charcoal peel of face mask restores elasticity,is a blackhead buster and gives the skin a fresh new look.



Rs 449 for 60 gm.


This charcoal peel off mask comes in a black box,at outer side.As it is charcoal based they make sure that their theme is charcoal,hence packaging is charcoal black.They have some faint charcoal stones printed on the outer box.

In the inner side,we get a again black theme tube with a cap,which tightly shuts off without leaking.They have mentioned all the details like how to use,their ingredients ,customer care and also their website


Texture & Fragrance

This charcoal peel off mask don’t have any floral type smell,its just a charcoal smell with some argan oil smell in it.We can say a blend of this two makes it smell.Texture is whole black with some granules in it.This charcoal mask contains a thick consistency.




My Experience

My overall experience with charcoal peel off is very good.It does what it claims.It is not harsh on skin.I use it once in a week.

I was in search, for some blackhead remover actually.And i got my hands on this mask.I was not pretty sure that i could remove my blackheads.But when i applied it on my face my nose whiteheads were actually peeping out from my nose.When the pack dried i was so happy to found something on my blackheads.

From that day itself,i can’t regret myself to use this pack.If you are having facial hairs in less quantity it removes them.It exfoliates the skin so well that after peeling off the mask i can just feel the softness on my skin.

They are 100% vegan and cruelty free brand.That makes me more happy.


1. Affordable price.

2. Does what claims.

3. Exfolaites skin so well.

4. 100 % Vegan & Cruelty free brand.

5. Removes the blackheads.


1. Nothing


For those who are suffering from loads of blackheads should try out this.It also helps in exfoliating,removes dead skin.All skin types can check it out this.


5/5     Buy Here



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