Katrina Kaif Facial Hack


     Katrina Kaif Facial Hack


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Today i am going to share Katrina Kaif facial hack.As we all know she is known for her skin’s texture.Her makeup man Daniel Bauer also loves her skin texture.Hence,lets move to our topic.Have you heard about ice facial ? Katrina Kaif have this facial hack every single day.

What is Ice Facial?

Ice facial is roll the ice on your face.Or we can dip our face in bowl full of ice.It reduces wrinkles,fine lines,clog the pores tightly or work as toner.Rubbing ice on face is popular Korean beauty trend.In particular ice facial are said to minimize the pores & make skin smoother.This is simple ice facial at home.

All the famous dermatologist recommend this ice facial to all.The women with large skin pores must try out this,as it minimizes the pores.We also have cryotherapy or we can say ice therapy.Cryotherapy is full body treatment,to release some pain.


What Causes Large Pores

Oily Skin

Its common for people with oily skin because they get more oil secretion in skin.More dirt and impurities are saturated that causes clogs.These clogs can make pores more large.


With ticking hands of times,skin produces less collagen.Then result? Less elasticity,wrinkles,firm lines.That causes again large pores.

No Sun Exposure

Now sunscreen can save your skin from ultraviolet rays,we all know that.But do you know sunscreen can save us from large pores?Wear your sunscreen daily its a further investment in your skin.

No Exfoliation

These is also a main reason to call large pores.If you are not following the basic needs of skin,then it may result to large pores.Always follow CTM routine,do not miss it.And if exfoliating is not done then dirt and bacteria may cause large pores.

Therefore,make sure you follow all these steps.

Katrina Kaif Ice Facial

This play very important role in our life.It tightens the pores,reduces wrinkles and many more.No matter what your age is,start your ice facial today itself.Make sure you try katrina kaif ice facial at home.

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Burns Fat

Do you think ice facial can actually burn fat?But it burns the fat.When we dip the face in bowl of ice their is sensation.The cranial nerves control heart and skeletal muscles.Hence,dipping your face influence nerves to burn fat.

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Tightens The Skin

Ice facial is known for tightening the pores.If you are suffering the problem of large pores then,this will surely help you guys.

Long Lasting Makeup

Dip your face in ice bucket before makeup.Dab face with clean towel.Then start makeup tutorial.You will notice your makeup stays for long time.This technique is mostly done by Korean beauties.

Reduces Wrinkles

Ice facial save your face from further wrinkles.If you are in early twenties then start using this method.This will save your money to buy anti-wrinkles creams.


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Prevents Acne

Rubbing ice on face prevents acne.Its because rubbing ice on face tightens the pores.And this process reduces acne.More open pores more acne.

Reduces Puffiness Under Eyes

Rubbing ice on face,eyes reduces the puffiness of eyes.It lightens the dark circles around the eyes.




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