Khadi Naturals Handmade Soaps Review


          Khadi Naturals Handmade Soaps Review

Hey everyone,

Now-a-days in the world full of pollution and chemicals it is hard to survive.Today we are going to talk about soaps.Their are two types of soaps one is handmade and other commercial soap.

Many of us still use commercial soap,we see many ads on TV of cooling soap,natural soaps,mint soaps.But all this soap are not made they are manufactured in factory.They mix all the chemicals and soap is made.

Today I’m going to review Khadi Natural Handmade soaps.



Rs 70 for 125 gm.


Khadi Natural Soap Review

This Khadi soap have many flavors.They have lavender,neem,sandalwood,chandan, rosewater,honey,tulsi,aloe vera,orange and many more.Their packaging is quite simple just one transparent cover on the soap,no box nothing.

When it comes to smell,it has a magic in the smell.The soap smells so good,it has refreshing smell.All the soaps have different smell.When i bought them and kept in my cupboard,my cupboard was smelling like that soaps.A magically aroma is present in that soaps.

They are quite soft on my skin,it cleanses well.It cleanses the skin well,by taking off all the dirt and leaves and soft and refreshed skin behind.It doesn’t dry out the skin or neither make it stretchy.

The best thing is,it comes in pocket friendly price 70 rs,that’s worth it.They have almost same price as factory made soap have.They are travel friendly as well.

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Benefits of Handmade Soaps

1. Benefits of khadi handmade soaps are it maintains the PH balance of our hands.

2. All natural ingredients are used.

3.  They contains glycerin,in case if you are wondering what is glycerin ?Glycerin is the compound which soothes and moisturizes skin.

4. They are absolutely safe to use,without any doubt.


Yes,I recommend this to each and every one go and get your khadi handmade soap.Feel free to use.Provide your skin with natural ingredients,glycerin and moisturize them.Have a chemical free bathing.



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