Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Face Wash Review


I have recently purchased two products from lacto calamine. And today I’m going to review lacto calamine oil balance face wash. Now let’s jump into the details.


INR 75 for 50 ml

Product Description

Lacto calamine oil balance face wash not only cleanses the face but also maintains oil balance upto 8 hours. Because it has 3-way action formula.

Kaolin clay contains natural minerals that absorbs excess oil without making skin dry.

Apart from this, it contains glycerin which retains natural moisture too the skin and prevents drying.

In addition to this, neem helps in preventing pimples because of its anti-bacterial properties.


lacto calamine face wash ingredients


Lacto calamine face wash comes in a white tube with flip cap which secures product perfectly. Overall, it is pretty normal and lightweight packaging too.

The small tube is easy to carry anywhere.


The face wash exactly smells like the original lacto calamine lotion. I love this fresh pleasant smell. It will not bother your sensitive noses.



This face wash has a nice white creamy texture. It is not heavy on my skin and I can rinse it easily.


Firstly, I had a lot of expectations from this face wash. Because I’m using calamine lotion for years now. So I thought getting their face wash would be perfect too.

But the very first thing which I don’t like is its creamy and milky texture. When I applied it on my face, it just felt like I’m applying any creamy thing.

It does not create any foam, but just glides smoothly on my skin. And it is very easy to rinse.

It does not cleanse my face well nor it gave any fresh feel to my face. Nor it removed my dirt and impurities on my skin.

Mostly, I don’t use creamy or milky face washes. Because oily skin reacts with that milky or creamy texture. And guess what, it happened with this too.

I got breakout after using this face, and I stopped using it.

Overall, this face wash did nothing for my face.

Pros Of Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Face Wash

  • Pocket friendly
  • Fresh smell
  • Nice packaging

Cons Of Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Face Wash

  • I had breakout
  • Contains sulphates
  • Gives a shiny face
  • Can’t control oil
  • Does nothing that it claims


I would not recommend this to anyone.



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