Lavender Oil Benefits You Need To know

Lavender oil, Lavender essential oil

Lavender is a plant that no needs introduction. Lavender is most versatile among all the plants. As it has a bunch of benefits. Most commonly use of this essential oil is for insomnia. It can be a natural perfume. Or it can be used in cooking and etc. Their are uncountable lavender oil benefits.

Here are some ways you can incorporate lavender benefits into daily life.

Lavender Oil benefits
Lavender Oil benefits

1. Lavender Oil Treats Insomnia

This oil is considered as best traditional Ayurveda therapy for sleep or insomnia. This herb soothes the nervous system and induces sleep and relaxation. This is because its scent reduces alpha waves in the area of the brain that is responsible to fall us asleep.

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You can also use lavender oil on your pillow before sleeping. Or just rub the oil into your hands and smell the aroma deeply. This is very effective treatment for insomnia.

Another method is to have lavender tea, which promotes relaxation and is best for sleep. This is my own experience of having lavender tea is one of the best things to have great sleep.

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2. Relaxing Body

Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil

We know how tired we get after a long working day. And we need some relaxation in our weekends. Lavender oil is great for relaxing your body. You can have a massage of this oil. Take any carrier oil like coconut or olive oil add 5-6 drops of lavender oil and massage your body.

Many aromatherapies are using this oil for better results. So why not have aromatherapy in your own house.

3. Heal Insect Bites

Do you know lavender can also help you to heal insect bites. Insect bites is just a random thing. Simply you have too add lavender oil to the part and itching and swelling decrease considerably.

Lavender oil acts as a good insect repellent. You can also use it on your children. Just take care to dilute it and use it.

4. Natural Perfume

Lavender oil is also a good perfume. It is a good alternative for chemical based perfume. It is natural and chemical-free perfume. You can dab it little at the back of the neck, or on your wrists.

Lavender oil
Lavender Oil

5. Treats Anxiety & Depression

Lavender oil is effective in curing anxiety and depression. It calms your mind and make you feel fresh instantly. It is often used in herbal remedies for promoting relaxation.

You can place lavender plant in your room. Its soothing aroma not only reduces stress but also repel mosquitoes.

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6. Treats Dandruff

Lavender can help you in treating dry itchy scalp and dandruff. Mix some amount of olive oil, almond oil and add lavender essential oil into it. Massage gently into your scalp. Leave it on your scalp for some time. And then wash it off with a mild shampoo.

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7. Controls Hairfall

Lavender oil is an extremely effective treatment for hair loss. As it improves the blood circulation of your scalp removes dead skin cells which are associated with hair loss. Also, it reduces stress, anxiety and depression which are again associated with hair loss. Regular massage controls hair fall and promotes hair growth. The lavender essential oil is super beneficial in winters for hairs.

8. Helps In Treatment Of Head Lice

Head lice can damage your hair a lot. But lavender essential oil is one of the best remedy for hair lice. As lavender is powerful anti-septic it removes all your head lice and eggs. And gives you a shiny lustrous hairs. For removing lice massage with lavender into your scalp and leave it. Rinse it off with your shampoo. You will definetely get the results.

9. Cures Headaches

If you are the one in millions who are struggling with your headaches. Than lavender is your solution. Massaging your neck, forehead, temples with lavender releases pain and you will feel relaxe. This can cure many types of headaches like general headaches, migraine, sinus, gastric etc. If you just smell the aroma of lavender you will feel fresh. You can also add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your hanky and smell it.

10. Air Freshner

You can not only use lavender as a natural perfume but also air freshener or room freshener. It is a non-toxic air freshener. Dilute lavender essential oil with water and with the help of a spray bottle, spray in your room. This creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in your room.

These were some lavender oil benefits you need to know.

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