Must Have These Period Tracker Apps


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Menstruation cycle & their dates are very hard to remember every month. The old methods to track menstruation dates were noting down.We just used notebooks,calendars or somewhere on papers to remember.

But now, their is not any need to do all that stuff. We have some applications which would notify us about menstruation cycle.

These apps almost satisfy all our best of best needs. And the main thing they are free.They provide with many features.



1. Tracking menstruation cycle.

2.Keep all records of cycle in logs.

3.Notify us before 2-5 days.

4.They also have reminders of pills or birth control.

5. Tell us about pregnancy.

6.We can set our mood swings,body temperature or behavior.

7. They have very cute themes.

1. Period Tracker Period Calendar

Period Calendar tracks and predicts your period,ovulation and fertile window, shows pregnancy chance every day. They record intimacy and everything about women who try to conceive, pregnant or birth control.

The pill reminder won’t let you miss any medication, drugs, supplements or contraceptives like pills.

Except the basic period cycle girls can record anything about herself.Girls can record moods, cycles,cervical mucus,intercourse,weight,temperature etc.

It is the most simple app for period tracker and much more related things to do.


4.9/5   All About Tampons

2. Period Tracker by GP Apps

Period Tracker is the easiest way to track your health.Even I am using this app since a very long time. This app is just simple and cute. Press a start button at start of your cycle every month.

This app log the dates and calculates the average of the menstruation cycle from last three months. View your current and future menstruation dates.

Take daily notes of menstrual symptoms including spotting,flow,cramps,backaches.



3. Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker

This app is quite great and has all you need.Perfectly predicts the cycle.This app is classy,pleasant,and discrete interface to track your periods. It records your daily moods and even weather.

It has various beautiful themes,fonts,icons to match your personality.It also has animated background with parallax effect.



4.My Calendar

This app have full integration with healthy app.You can find notes,symptoms or even date of your next period. Calendars colors may be changed.

It also has password protection. This application is universal, it works on all devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and even on your Apple TV.



These are all my favorite period tracking application. Therefore,make sure you use this apps to predict the menstruation cycle.


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