o3+ Eye Circle Cream Brightening And Whitening Dermal Zone Review


Eye cream is something I never miss too have. Today I am going to review o3+ eye circle cream brightening and whitening dermal zone. This is my first product from o3+, let’s see if this product worked on me or not.


INR 445



15 gm.

Product Description

The o3+ eye circle cream smooths the eye contour while lifting and firming the skin around eyes.

  • It deflates bags, reduces puffiness and smooths wrinkles.
  • It fades away dark circle leaving the eyes looking younger more radiant.
  • Firms the area around the eyes and prevent eye bags.
  • Perfect for daily use.
  • Can be used both by men and women.


O3+ eye cream ingredients

Directions To Use

Apply small amount around the eye area using gentle patting motion. Use twice a day, in morning and in the night.

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  • It comes in a white tube with a pointed nozzle to dispense the product.
  • The white colored tube is sleek stylish and easy to carry anywhere.
  • The screw cap shuts properly, preventing any leakage from the nozzle. All white theme looks appealing.
  • It comes with a white paper box, and all the details are mentioned on the box.

Color And Fragrance

O3+ eye cream is white in color. And it has a soft creamy texture which gets absorbed into the skin very easily.

O3+ brightening eye cream has pleasant smell, which vanishes within 5 minutes of application.

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My Experience

I use this o3+ eye cream every day and night. As I have some wrinkles and dark circles on my eye, I never miss using eye cream. The texture of this eye cream is very light-weight and gets absorbed easily.

I gently pat it under my eyes and massage it for some seconds. The brightening and whitening formula of this cream definitely helps in vanishing the dullness.

With regular use, it has brightened my eye area. But it does not help with my wrinkles. It just moisturizes my under eye skin very well. The hydration stays for a long I don’t feel dry anymore.

After applying makeup my under eye does not look dull or cakey. It goes perfect with my makeup. Or else I don’t feel any oiliness under my eye.

Likes About O3+Eye Cream Brightening And Whitening Dermal Zone

  • Brightens the eye area.
  • Affordable.
  • Light-weight texture.
  • Gets absorbed easily.
  • Hydrates and moisturizes the eye.

Dislikes About O3+ Eye Cream Brightening And Whitening Dermal Zone

  • Doesn’t help with wrinkles and dark circles.


I would recommend this O3+ plus eye cream for those who have puffy eyes due to lack of sleep or stress. It is not for dark circles and wrinkles around eye area.



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