Olive Oil Benefits


Hey everyone,

Olive oil is the fast becoming world’s famous oil.We have lots of benefits of  oil.It is good for health,hair,skin,nails.Therefore,i think olive oil must be used in every house.

Their are many types of olive oils.

  1. Extra virgin.
  2. Cold pressed.
  3. Standard virgin.
  4. Pure or blended oil.

We can use any one of these to our hairs.But extra virgin could be the best for all.


Olive Oil For Hairs

If you are having dry hairs,make sure you use this oil.As it gives more moisture to the hairs.Works on splits ends.

For Dandruff

Olive oil moisturizes your hair and reduces scalp irritation,which further turn out into dandruff.Take olive oil in bowl massage into roots and rinse it off with mild shampoo.For good results keep it overnight into your hairs.

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For Split Ends

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E so make sure you apply it into splits ends.Regular use of oil will just vanish all the split ends.Take some oil into palms rub it and apply on your hair gently and massage the ends or splits of your hair.

If you use this oil regularly,your hair will never get split ends.It provides our hair with enough nutrients.Therefore,make sure you use this remedy forever.

Hair mask

Take a egg yolk,add 2 tablespoon of honey,2 tablespoon of olive oil beat it well.Apply this pack on hairs,keep it for 20-30 minutes and rinse it off.

 Olive Oil For Skin

When it comes to skin,olive oil is bone for all skin types.Specially for dry skin,you should carry this oil every where you go.It treats acne,inflammation and dryness.It improves the elasticity of your skin.The antioxidants,minerals fight free radicals and gives healthy soft looking skin.

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Add right amount of olive to your skin,don’t over use it.Add this oil to your night care routine.You can add this to after bath body oil.

Just massage your skin with this oil,it reduces wrinkles.Add oil to face packs,1 tablespoon to any of the face packs.

Take olive oil bath by adding 2 tablespoon to the water.It will help to treat dry skin in winters.





Olive Oil For Nails

Your nails need much attention as much as skin.Do not regret it.We use many coats on nails,keep on changing nail colors.But at the same time its important to provide nutrition to them.

Take cotton swab deep into oil and dab on the nails.Massage a little bit,for healthy looking nails.Vitamin E in olive oil hydrates the nails repairs dry brittle nails and bring back to life.

Tip For Oily Skin

Do not overuse any oil on face,as it leads to more oil secretion in skin.One drop of oil is enough for you guys.




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