Oriflame Facial Kit Review

oriflame facial kit review 6 - Oriflame Facial Kit Review


How are you all? Its a pep start to the festivals, vacations, trips and so on. The very first thing we do to look good is we pamper our skin. We visit the salon, for facial, massage, bleach and etc. I just like to do my pampering session in my home itself. Hence, I bought this Oriflame tropical fruits facial kit. And the main thing doing facials at home is we know our skin well, and we can pamper it however we want.

So Oriflame has two variants in this facial kit the one is tropical fruits facial kit and the other one is tea tree facial kit.

So lets jump into the Oriflame facial kit review.


This facial kit arrives in a box,which has its face cleanser,face scrub,face massage cream and a face pack.Each bottle is somehow different from each others.Their are cute tropicals fruits picture on every bottle.

Quantity & Price

Cleanser 150 ml.

cream 75g.

mask 100g.

Scrub 100g.

INR 1499


As they have claimed it has the smell of tropical fruits emerged in that creams. All four bottles have the same smell. It is some like cream in colour. It has very soft consistency, we can just feel it.

Oriflame facial kit
Oriflame Facial kit

My Experience

The very first thing about this Oriflame tropical fruits facial kit is, it is made for normal to dry skin type and if your skin type is normal either dry skin then and then only you should try this. I purchased this for my mom as she has got dry skin. Papaya is the main key ingredient in this facial kit.

Rather purchasing the regular facial kit like for 100 or 200 why not to invest in some more for your skin. And this facial kit is gonaa last long. As we don’t need much quantity.

As I have oily combination skin I just tried its cleanser on my face, and my skin felt so oily and greasy that I didn’t move on to the further process. But apart from this, this facial kit suits my mom very nice her skin gets that glowy, shiny, and hydrated.


This cleanser is very soft on the skin, when you apply it, it cleanses well and leaves a soft skin behind.

Oriflame Fruit Facial Kit Cleanser
Oriflame Fruit Facial Kit Cleanser

Face Scrub

This face scrub has microbeads in it,which is not at all harsh for the skin.It exfoliates your skin very well and removes impurities from the skin.


Face Cream

This face cream is helps in restoring the PH balance by providing enough moisture and gives a bright looking hydrated skin.

Face Cream
Face Cream

Face Pack

This oriflame face pack is not like other face packs, which dries after 20 minutes and then wash it off. This face pack and face cream is not really recognized because both of them have the same texture and colour.

We can just identify it from its texture, scrubhas some beads and face pack don’t have it.

We just have to slightly apply this pack on our face, but we can’t recognize the layer it gets absorbed into the skin. Assuming, that it has dried we need to wash it off.

Fruit Facial Face Mask
Face Mask


If you are searching for the facial kit you should invest in this, as it could be used for longer time.

I will recommend this mostly to the dry skin people out their, normal skin people can also try this without any doubt. But, but, but, oily skin its not meant for us guys.

I will review the Tea Tree facial kit for oily to combination skin, very soon, so stay tuned.

Tell me which is your favorite facial kit.

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