Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Review


Hi!everyone today i am going to share with you Pantene oil-replacement story. I have a dry frizzy hair which i am dealing with many years.I have never used any oil replacement for my hairs.But then too i wanted to check out this Pantene oil replacement.It is an light weight nourishment for our hair.

It claims that it has the power of nourishing oils in a creamy form. It nourishes hair, reduces hair fall problems.

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pantene pro-v oil replacement review

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Rs 85 for 80 ml.

Rs 150 for 180 ml.

Pantene Oil Replacement
Pantene Oil Replacement

Pre-Wash With Pantene Pro V Oil Replacement

You can use this all over your hair or on the scalp. Massage it and leave it for sometime for better nourishment and then rinse it off with your shampoo. You can also keep it overnight this as they claimed that it is an oil replacement.

Pantene Pro

Post-Wash With Pantene Pro V Oil Replacement

You can also use it on your dry hair post wash, or even on the days when you haven’t wash your hairs. Just take a little amount of it ( coin size ) or as per your hair length and apply to the ends of your hair.

The Pantene pro v oil replacement cream is extremely soft and non-sticky formula for our hair.It is absorbed very quickly by our hair. As soon as we apply it on our hair we will notice the drastic change in our hair immediately.

Your hair will get detangled,feel soft and moisturized. It also has a very nice smell which remains on the hair.If you are on the go to party and you don’t have time to wash your hairs this is the best formula for our hair.

If you are having dry, frizzy hairs then this is worth it.

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Pantene Pro V ingredients
Pantene Pro V ingredients

My Take

When it comes to my hair I am very conscious about it. Because I don’t give my hair a try or anything.This pantene pro v oil replacement has worked on my hairs,as i have dry frizzy hair.On the first use when i applied it on to my ends they were very soft and frizz free with a fruity smell.As the smell won’t lasts for a longer time.

If you are having any sudden plan or something then this would be the right choice. But i don’t recommend it as our oil replacement as it has a lot of chemicals in it.I don’t think that it would be good for our hairs.

They claimed that it is solution for hair fall problems, but i don’t  think it does what they actually claimed.

I use this Pantene pro v oil replacement when i don’t have too much time to wash my hairs. But on the dailybasisi don’t think it could be as best as oiling our hairs. Because the nourishment which we get from the original oil it won’t be replaced by any chemicals.

I prefer using this once in a month not more than that.


I would recommend this to all hair types. But its good to oil our hair then to apply too much of chemicals. You can use this for an event, function, party, trips and so on, like some sudden plans its best. But their is not any option for oiling our hairs whether it is sticky but its guaranteed nourishment for our hairs.

If you are planning a trip or anything this season then you should get your hands on pantene pro v oil replacement.

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