Plum E-Luminence Deep Moisturizing Cream Review


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Today I am going to review plum e-luminence deep moisturizing cream. I love using moisturizers and plum is my favourite brand. This moisturizing cream comes with all natural extracts. Therefore, let’s see how this plum cream turns on.


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Product Description

  • Plum E-luminence has the hydrating power of vitamin E is boosted by dozen of potent nutrients, to provide unmatched hydration.
  • It is filled with the goodness of vitamin E & 12 phytonutrients that boost hydration and nourishment.
  • It is specially curated for dry to extremely dry skin.
  • All the ingredients work from within to hydrate, nourish and repair the skin.
  • Similarly, it is paraben, paraffin, mineral oil and silicone free product.
  • 100 % vegan and non-tested on animals.


Ingredients of plum e-luminence deep moisturizing cream


Plum E-luminence cream comes in a glass jar or tub with a white lid. There is extra plastic cover under the lid.

The glass tub has an outer cardboard packaging. Both the tub and cardboard box has the details mentioned on it.

The packaging has a color combination of pink and white which looks attractive. Since the jar is made up of glass it is heavy to carry along.

Overall, the packaging is good but not travel-friendly.

packaging of plum cream

How To Use

  • Wash your face and pat dry it.
  • Apply one dot each on forehead, cheeks, nose & chin.
  • Gently massage into the skin with your finger tips.
  • Don’t forget your neck.
  • Apply every morning and before bed time.

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Fragrance And Texture

Plum E-luminence cream has a white color. It just smells heavenly. The smell is neither floral nor fruity but pleasant mild smell.

In addition to this, it has lightweight consistency which does not feel heavy on the skin. It gets absorbed very easily into the skin. The formula is very soft and rich.

packaging of plum e-luminence cream

My Take

Plum E-luminence has a divine fragrance. Also, it has a very lightweight texture which gets absorbed in just one take after massaging.

Because of its amazing moisturizing ability, a very little amount is needed. And a small tub almost goes for almost 2 months.

Apart from this, the buttery soft cream blends very easily without leaving behind any oiliness or greasiness. It is a day and night cream. But I prefer using it in the night because it works well in the night.

This plum E-luminence hydrates my skin and gives a soft smooth skin in the morning. Also, it does not cause any breakout.

Whenever my skin feels dehydrated or moisture less than I apply this cream.

I think every beauty blessed with dry and extremely dry skin should not miss using this cream. I am sure you will love it without a doubt.

My skin remains soft and moisturized for a very long time. It has never irritated my skin even a tiny bit.

Overall, this is perfect moisturizer for dry and extremely dry skin, with all natural ingredients.

Pros Of Plum E-Luminence Cream

  • Moisturizes my skin.
  • Hydrates my skin.
  • One jar goes for a long.
  • Free from paraben, mineral oil.
  • Buttery soft texture.
  • Very lightweight texture.
  • Gets absorbed easily.
  • Heals dry skin.
  • Doesn’t make skin oily or greasy.
  • Gives a dewy look.
  • Enriched with goodness of 12 plant nutrients.

Cons Of Plum E-Luminence

  • Glass jar is not travel friendly.
  • Doesn’t comes with SPF.


I would definitely recommend this cream to each and every dry skin beauty. This cream is a saviour for dry skin, just don’t miss this. Because it hydrates the skin and at the same time moisturizes the skin with its natural extracts.



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