Roots Milk Bath Sponge Review


Hello beauties,

How are you doing? Today I am going to review roots milk bath sponge. Usually, I prefer using loofah’s all the time, but I found something new so decided to buy this one. This is roots milk bath sponge, now let’s see how it worked for me.


INR 160

Product Description

  • Roots milk bath sponge has been manufactured with an innovative technology which incorporates milk into the sponge.
  • Milk is gradually released from the sponge with each use, this moisturizes the skin.
  • Also it makes your skin soft and supple.
  • The open cell structure of the sponge gently exfoliates your skin for additional softness and improves blood circulation.

My Experience

The Roots milk bath sponge comes in a simple cardboard paper packaging. But this loofah is quite different from other. When I bought this its size was very small, and after use it become a little large.

They have mentioned on their packaging that it will expand after use. Firstly, I pour my shower gel and created foam and started rubbing off.

It exfoliates each and every corner of my body just in one use. And as it has milk technology it gives a soft and very smooth skin after use.

I am dam loving this, it is much better than any loofah.

It doesn’t strips off the skin’s moisture but cleanses makes my skin feel good every time I use.

As it has exfoliating open sponge, sometime I use very little pressure to clean my skin.

Pros Of Roots Milk Bath Sponge

  • Exfoliates body well.
  • Milk technology.
  • Doesn’t strip away moisture.
  • Gives a soft skin.
  • Good quality.
  • Pocket-friendly.

Cons Of Roots Milk Bath Sponge

  • It could be little harsh on sensitive body skin.


Try this sponge for once I am dam sure you will love it in just one use. If you are having sensitive body skin then it could be harsh on your skin. But if you are looking for any exfoliating loofah or sponge then go for it.



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