Roots Wooden Hair Comb Review


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Hair is the most identical part of our body. And we pay so much attention while buying a shampoo, conditioner, hair serum and many such hair products. But do we turn a blind eye to that hair comb. Are you still using that plastic combs? Plastic combs are not good for our scalp. Hence today I am going to review roots wooden comb.


INR 175

Model No 1101.

Roots Wooden Hair Comb
Roots Wooden Hair Comb

Product Description

  • Roots comb are expertly crafted with GlamTastic technology for seamless teeth to keep the cuticles smooth, resulting in strong, static-free, healthy hair.
  • 100% natural wood finish. No varnish or polish.
  • Prevents static and has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Rounded tips stimulate the scalp and distribute natural oils from roots to tips.
  • Reduces split ends and protects long and fragile hair.


Light brown in color.

Roots comb on hairs
Roots Wooden Comb


Roots comb is packed in a simple cardboard pack. The packaging is not that fancy but very simple packaging.


My Experience

The reason I purchased this comb because that it is made up of natural wood. And I have really dry frizzy hairs and I wanted to buy a wooden comb.

As plastic combs contributes to dryness, frizziness and in some cases even split ends. That unfortunately isn’t with wooden combs because they are natural.

I am using this comb for almost two months now and it has reduced my frizziness and hair is more manageable now than they were before.

Wooden combs are really good for hairs as they improve blood circulation and distributes natural oils from roots to tips. The one thing I don’t find it correct is how a comb can reduce split ends.

This comb does not do anything for split ends.

Pros Of Roots Wooden Comb

  • 100 % natural wood.
  • Has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Deals with frizzy hairs.
  • Affordable.

Cons Of Roots Wooden Comb

  • Does not reduces split ends.


Investing in a natural wooden comb is really worth it. If you love your hair then you should definitely say bye to plastic ones and switch to these combs.



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