Some Summer Skincare Tips You Should Follow


It’s the time of the year when chai becomes less and we search for Limbu ( lemon ) soda water. We say good bye to synthetic one and invite our cotton clothes. Then we stock up with sunscreen and many such things. But you should also change your skin care in summers. That’s the most important part you should never miss. Here are some summer skincare tips that will come handy.

Overall, summer comes up with a host of issues like oily skin gets more oily or dry skin gets more patchy. There are pimples rashes, sunburn and many arrivals of problems.

Why You Need Summer Skincare

Summer means warmer temperature and that just means its time to change your skin care routine. The sunny Indian summer can be really very harsh on your skin, if you ignore it.

Too much of sun is bad for you. Not only you can get tanned but also overexposure in UV rays can cause premature signs of ageing.

Here are some tips for summer skincare

1. Face care

Your face is your identity, so you should look good all 365 days of the year. Especially in summer months, you need hydrating skin care. As summer sucks all the moisture, you need hydrating for your skin.

Make sure you keep your face clean and fresh. Start using facial mists and keep your face clean. Also, splash your face with water, 3-4 times in a day. Don’t use face wash all the time, just normal water is enough.

Similarly, exfoliate your face twice or thrice a week. Use homemade masks like oily-acne prone can use Multani mitti, sandalwood, rose water mask. Whereas, dry skin can go with egg white, lemon, sandalwood and curd. Add these refreshing masks in your summer skincare regime.

2. Right products

The thick creams you were using through winter months would won’t work now. Summer month needs products that let your skin breathe naturally. Go with some lightweight moisturizers, body lotions and all skin products.

Products that block pores could cause skin problems. Water based moisturizers works best for normal skin type. If you have oily skin go for gel-based moisturizers.

Natural moisturizers like applying a plain curd and leaving it for 15 minutes could work on dry skin. Therefore, use appropriate products in your summer skincare.

3. Stick to the basics

You may think that oily skin people cannot get dry skin ever. But that’s not true, even oily skin gets dry in summers. Constantly siting into the air conditioner room can make your skin dry. This is not just applicable for your skin but the entire body. Drink lots of water and keep your skin and body hydrated.

Make sure you follow your daily CTM routine, that is cleansing, toning and moisturizing every day. Because sweating can cause the pores to open up, hence it is mandatory to close the pores.

4. Importance of sunscreen

Don’t ever forget to wear sunscreen all the days of the year. But in summer months the exposure levels are higher and you just cannot miss using sunscreen.

A minimum SPF 30 is recommended for daily use. Apply before 30 minutes you step out from the house. And you should again reapply it after every 2-3 hours.

Oily skin beauties can go with gel-based sunscreen while combination and dry skin ladies can go with sunscreen moisturizer. Also, don’t skip your body, search body lotions with SPF and go for it.

5. Natural remedies

Never underestimate what your grandma said. Because we have many magical ingredients just in our kitchen. Tomato is very good in summer as they soothe your skin. All you have to do is just make tomato juice and add it into ice trays. Let it cool down and then use that ice cubes all over your face. The lycopene in tomato can do wonders for your skin. Therefore, don’t miss tomato in your summer skincare.

6. Eyes & Lips

The sun rays are harshest in between 12 pm to 4 pm. And we can’t take a chance for our eyes and lips. Avoid stepping out in between these hours. If you step out just make sure you protect your eyes with sunglasses and use a hydrating eye cream.

As we know the skin around the eye area is very delicate and thin. Don’t forget to use an SPF lip balm. Because lips too need SPF to stay protected and moisturized.

For eyes, you can have some cool plain green tea, dip some cotton pad and just relax your eyes. Or a couple of cotton pads dipped in potato juice can also be soothing. Hence, add these eye and lips care in your summer skincare routine.

7. Eat cooling foods

What we eat has a lot to do with how we look and feel. Eating heavy is bound to make you look more sluggish in weather like this. Additionally, it can make your skin more oily and susceptible to breakouts.

Go for seasonal fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid sugary drinks and increase water intake. Lemon water is a good alternative for your sugary drinks. You can also have coconut water ( nariyal pani ) to keep your body hydrated.

8. Wear cotton clothes

Cotton and lighter fabrics are must to tackle the heat. Tight clothes can cause irritation and itchiness. It can also cause more sweat in that area. Prolonged conditions can lead to skin infections. Hence choose cotton clothes this summer.

9. Don’t be afraid

Lastly, don’t be afraid of the sun, because it is a mood enhancer. Sunlight helps to produce more serotonin which a mood booster hormone. That’s exactly you feel low when there is no sunlight. Just balance the outdoor activity and follow all the summer skincare and enjoy the summer season.

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