Some Things To Keep In Mind While Oiling Your Hair


You’ve heard it from grandmother or hair stylist that oiling your hair is the most important part. Whether it is magical mustard or almond oil for hair is known for its nourishing & enlivening properties. And nothing is better than an awesome champi with your favourite oil. But you need to keep some things in your mind while oiling your hairs. Read to know more what are the tips for oiling your hairs.

Heat the oil before using

You may have heard that warm oil has a lot of hair benefits. Warm oil penetrates the hair & scalp easily and is more soothing too. You can either stick a bowl in the microwave for 10 seconds. Just ensure that oil isn’t too hot for application, and nutrients in the oil aren’t damaged due to excessive heating.

Massaging too hard

If you are massaging too hard that can damage your hair roots. Massaging too rigorously can create knots in the hair, damage the hair roots and cause it to break. A soft massage in a circular motion is what we recommend for fabulous results.

Comb before massage

Massaging tangled or knotted hair is a big no. This will cause further knotting and damage to the hairs and its roots. Therefore, always remove all the knots and make it tangle free hair before oiling.

Mix up your favourite oils

Two oils are always better than oil. Be it a mix of coconut or olive or almond, if the goodness of one gives you glossy hairs then imagine there would be multiple benefits of mixing oils. Therefore, pick your favourite oils to mix them up and start massaging into the hair roots.

Tying it up too tightly

After oiling your hair your hair roots tend to loosen up a bit. The thing you should avoid is tying up your hair too tightly. Tying up your hair will weaken the hair roots and leads to breakage. You can tie a braid rather than tying it up.

Use a cotton

The most common way to massage your hairs is, in fact, with your fingertips. But you should use a small piece of cotton instead. Cotton is easy on your roots as well as on the hairs. And it is the most gentle way to massage your scalp. Just take a small piece of cotton ball dip into oil and apply gently on the scalp and hair ends.

Oiling your hair too often

Oiling your hair is amazing but over doing anything is not good. Similarly, oiling hairs more than twice a week will irritate your scalp. Oiling your hairs multiple times is equal too shampooing your hairs. And this can make your hairs more dry and prone to breakage. Eventually, it will also strips away the natural oils from the scalp and make it dry.

Concentrate on scalp

Nothing is much more relaxing then getting a scalp massage. Spreading down all the oil towards the length for long and lustrous hair. When you apply oil make hair section and apply cotton ball on that section. Due to this the scalp could get enough nourishment, as well as your hair strands, will be hydrated.

Consider your hair type while choosing oil

Choosing hair oil according to your hair type or hair problem is a smart move. Go for argan oil if you have frizzy hairs, almond oil is good for beating dandruff, olive and coconut oil is good for all kind of hair types. Just make sure you choose the extra virgin or pure oil for your hairs.

These were some things to keep in mind while oiling your hairs.

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