Some Things You Should Know Before Buying Sunscreen


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Some things you should know before buying sunscreen

Today i have very important topic to share with you all.And that is sunscreen,this is the most important when it comes to skincare.How many of you apply sunscreen everyday?.Do men can use sunscreen?


Do you apply it once in the morning?.Or reapply it every single hours.Which SPF do you choose?.Uff their are many more questions and i am having the answers so let’begin. The very first thing i want to clear is sunscreen is the protection of your skin from sun,it doesn’t protect us from tanning,many of us apply sunscreen to prevent tan.Sunscreen protect our skin from aging not tanning.

And men should also use sunscreen.All skin types peoples out their should use sunscreen.


Sun Damage

Sunlight consists of multiple ultraviolet rays which are part of sun’s light spectrum.UVA,UVB and UVC are the types of sun rays.UVC rays does not reach till us as they are absorbed by ozone layer.Many of the anti aging are caused by sun,and sunscreen are the best part to escape our skin from sun.


Before Buying Sunscreen

The main thing we want to protect our skin is from UVA and UVB rays.But not all sunscreens are created for that.They come with a different formula and their heading is just sunscreen,we never tend to read the mentioned ingredients what they have…


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Sunscreen Must Have These

1 .SPF

SPF is nothing but Sun Protection Factor.SPF protect skin from UVB rays.This should be minimum at 30.More the SPF more the protection.If you are in your home you can use a SPF 15 but if you are stepping out in the sun you must have at least SPF 30 or more than that is good.

SPF 30 means you are protected 30 times in the sun.If you are for 15 min out in the sun then just calculate ( 30 X 15 ) 450 minutes you are protected from the

2.PA Protection

PA protection offers you protection from UVB rays.Search for PA +++ sign when you buy sunscreen.



Choose a Sunscreen which is photostable otherwise you buy if and get in your home and it may have lost all its properties or efficacy.Check the manufactured date and then buy it.

4.Sunscreen Cons

Always check the sunscreen consistency like whether it is in gel form,cream,liquid.What suits your skin type buy that,i think cream consistency suits all types of skin.Gel based sunscreens are little bit oily.

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How To Use Sunscreen on face

1.Apply a very thick coat of sunscreen before 15 min you step out in the sun.Use it on your all exposed parts of your body.

2.Depending on the SPF reapply it,if your sunscreen has SPF 30 reapply on every 3 hours as per the sun. exposure.

3.Try to avoid sun exposure from 10 4 p.m.

4.If you are on trek or travel or any event and you have to stand in the sun whole day then use SPF 50 sunscreen and reapply it after every 4 hours.

5.If you are swimming use a water proof sunscreen.

6.Also use sunscreen in rainy season don’t assume that their is no sun so their will be no rays,,no it doesn’t happen. No matter which season you have always apply sunscreen on your exposed body.

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