Some Things You should know before wedding


            Some Things You should know before  wedding


Now this is the thing for which we are eagerly waiting since so long time. This is just a one day called The Wedding Day, which is most important moment in our life.

Planning for the wedding is not a sily joke. We just need to scroll the internet,some apps,we call our friends,wedding lists and much more things to do.Their are loads of to-do lists to catch on.By the time we get so confused about what to do & how to manage all the things.

Don’t worry,I’m here to guide you some points.



This is our part of wedding so don’t forget to check out the mehndi designs. Scroll through the pinterest or through google find the perfect designs and their you go.


Baby its salon time! We need to look the best at our big fat wedding. So make sure hit the salons or parlour near you get the facials,massage, manicure & pedicure and the essential services.


Oh God! Help me in choosing the right perfume. Perfume is the main thing because our smell is gonna indicate our nature,our softness or boldness. If you love to be bold get some hot chick perfume which would rock the floor.

If no,you love some soft or mild perfumes then get your hands on mild perfumes .I think Roses could be the best choice.


If you are having any concern regarding your face, do visit the dermatologist near you. Get some gold peel out their. Try some gold packs, bridal packs as per your convenient.


Ha!Ha!Ha! LOL!  Wedding day laugh could actually matters a lot.So make sure you visit your dentist make a tooth cleaner or just whitening treatment. Or any other concerns regarding teeth. Don’t ever miss this girls.

Lehenga / Saree

Plan what are you going to wear on your wedding.Get some designers out in your budget. Visit them,also take your partner with you so you can make a good combination.


After all the rush and bush,lets plan footwear.Buy the footwear in which you feel comfort.Don’t just watch the designs,firstly wear it,feel the comfort and then go for it.

Metro Shoes,Steve Madden, Dorothy Perkins offers a great comfort with their unique designs.


Last but not least, plan for which jewellery you want to wear on your day.Antique jewellery,Diamonds,Platinum,gold etc. As per your lehenga or saree plan out for your jewellery. Malabar Gold & Diamonds has a topmost variety among all do check their designs, especially love them.

You can also check Bluestone jewellery at same time online.

Also check some apps for wedding planer like Tie the knot and so on.


Now,this man is so much important for our wedding day.So make sure,you make the right choice. Choose the right photographer,firstly,view his photographs,and then confirm him.

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