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Today i have very interesting topic to share with you all.Some would know about this and some would be totally blank.But no problem,i am here to sought it out.

Its all about Tampons guys. Stayfree just launched their tampons recently. And i am going to share with you my experience of tampons,how to use it, dispose it and many more such things.

Stayfree tampons 1024x1024 - Stayfree Tampons
Stayfree tampons

What are Tampons

So what is tampons? Tampons are used in menstruation cycle of the women. And it is nothing but a cotton swab rolled rolled and rolled to make it more absorbent then sanitary pads. They are unique design of rolled and compressed and layers of highly absorbent fillers. These cushion works together to absorb the menstrual fluid.

Ok,then lets begin to our Stayfree Tampons. Stayfree is a very well-known brand for the sanitary pads. It is also a very old trusted brand which was launched their first beltless pad in 1974.

And after so many years they have launched Tampons at a very affordable price tag. We had tampons before like from O.B. and many more.

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stayfree tampons

      Is It Ok for Unmarried Girls

Many of you may be having this question like is it ok for unmarried girls to use tampons. And the answer is it is absolutely fine and ok to use as soon as periods starts. First thing let me tell you that when the period starts the vagina opens a slightely and that is where you have to insert the tampons.

     Tampons vs Pads

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Stayfree tampons

When it comes to tampons vs pads then obviously tampons are a good option to go with.We can dance in tampons and do whatever we want and their is no worry of any leakage out their.

Also in tampons, we don’t feel wet under their its just dry, but it’s not in pads. We mostly can’t wear white clothes because we have no worry about leakage and spots on our white clothes. But when we have tampons we are free to wear anything we want.

           How To Use Stayfree Tampons

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stayfree tampons

As soon as period starts if you are wearing tampons for the very first time then use panty liners or a small pad because if we insert the tampon in the wrong way their could be a problem.

While inserting make sure your hands are clean. Then take the tampon remove the plastic cover from it first. Sit in a comfortable position or in chair or as shown in the image above, and spread your legs.

Then hold your labia apart and with help of your finger gently push tampon inside. Push the tampon inside as far as possible aiming at your lower back. The string should hang down between your legs.

Then move around ,the tampon is far enough when you do not feel it. The string should remain hanging outside

And don’t worry tampon is not going to fall anywhere as our vagina holds it. We can change it as per your flow. If the flow is heavy then you will feel some heavyness then its time to remove it out. Change tampon after every 4-8 hours.

Stayfree tampons come in 2 absorbencies.Super for normal to heavy flow and regular for light flow. Do try your stayfree Tampons and if you have already tried then tell me your story of tampons in the comments below.

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