Superpowerfull Green Tea Recipe

‘Tea,tea a wonderful drink.

The more you have,

The more you sip,

More you want,

The more you crave,

More you drink,

Tea,tea a wonderful drink.

Yup! won’t you feel something is wrong with me,,but my body don’t think it.

Like Green Tea is my all time my companion my partner.

Firstly I was not likely prone to green tea. I remember three years back bought my first packet of green tea and took my first green tea their. And then guess what?

It was such a horrible taste for me like a big no man I can’t have this more. Then after some days, the packet was still lying on the dining. Then I just decided to finish up this and not getting more this green tea.

And next is what?

Till my packet finished up i had literally started enjoying my green tea. Here,the story begins i started recreating and adding my twist to the tea. I wanted to give my tea a little twist to its taste and making it more healthier for myself.

And finally, here is my super powerful tea with loads of goodness.

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When its morning,after having my breakfast my body starts jerking off,,,like its the cravings for my  tea. I just infused cinnamon,some basil leaves,some crushed ginger and after boiling it i add green tea powder.

And then I enjoy my cup of  tea with some songs on television.

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My Recipe

  1. Take some water as per your convenience
  2. Add some cinnamon sticks or powder.
  3. Add some basil leaves and crushed ginger.
  4. Add some cloves.
  5. Boil these all spices up and then add green tea and close lid and wait for 5 min.

And you are ready to sip my super powerful green tea.

Tell me your story of tea in the comments below.

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