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    Dr Jamuna Pai’s Skinlab Protective Day Cream Review

    Hello, I have oily skin, hence I lookout for good day creams every now and then. And I don’t get satisfied of one cream. Therefore, I decided to give this Dr Jamuna Pai’s Skinlab Protective Day Cream a try. If you don’t know, who is Dr Jamuna Pai, then she is renowned Dermatologist from India. And she started her own line of skin care products called Blush. The name of her Clinic is Blush. Price INR 650 for 100g Ingredients Product Description It is a protective day cream with SPF 30. Contains no Paraben. Not harsh on the skin. How To Use Firstly, wash your face and pat dry. Take…

  • How-To-Choose-Right-Cleansers-&-Facewash

    How To Choose Right Cleansers & Face wash

      Buying Cleansers   It’s crazy buying cleansers. Choosing the right for our skin is almost messy. We get thousands of cleansers in the market. There was a limited excess of products in the last 10-15 years. But, today there are literally thousands of brands in skincare. I am going to help you to buy the best cleansing agent for skin. We suffer from many reactions due to wrong products. Hence, according to skin types, I will guide you. Katrina Kaif Facial Hack Face Wash Dry Skin Check for moisturizing agents in your face wash. Lookout for Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Witch Hazel, Glycerin & vitamin E.They will work on dry…

  • Is-Oily-Skin-Good

    Is Oily Skin Good?

               Is Oily Skin Good Hi ladies, Is oily skin a curse or bone?Is oily skin good? Today we are talking about oily skin.Many people think that this skin type is the worst thing.Hence,it is not as you think.Let me explain you all. Oily Skin is result of overproduction of sebum from glands.Sebum isn’t bad because it moisturizes and hydrates the skin.Too much sebum leads to oily skin.Not to worry at all. Last but not the least their are some remedies to get rid of excess oil.This skin type is bone,as we don’t need to more moisturize skin.Lets jump on remedies Food For Oily Skin Now,food…

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